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Oct 06 2011

Black Sperm Power

The massive Pigford Pig-Out is only the beginning of the looting spree. But the white man has it coming, being the Devil and all. Ridgely Muhammad, Minister of Agriculture for the Nation of Islam, explains it all to the National Press Club in DC:

Also taking part in the panel was Obama’s old friend Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party. The people running our federal government are not far removed from those espousing this psychotic ideology.

Via, on a tip from Shawn.

67 Responses to “Black Sperm Power”

  1. Let Freedom Ring says:

    Oh No! It’s the sperminator!


    White People are not afraid of black sperm they are afraid of black violence and racism and rightfully so.

    Rush: Obama Setting Up Riots

  2. TonyD95B says:

    Yeah, and Samuel L. Jackson will get a motherf#ckin’ Oscar for portraying him in the motherf#ckin’ movie…..

    Thank God for Herman Cain, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, et al – otherwise I’d start thinking black men are all freakin’ NUTS.

    What happened to that, ‘honest dialog on race’ that the current occupant of the White House promised America?

  3. lao says:

    Consistently employing the big lie technique, Blount likes linking to previous Moonbattery articles that have already been discredited. It should come as no surprise that the source was once again Breitbart.

    For those interested in reality, look at the pictures in that article. First, observe how the Black Panthers flanking Shabazz at the podium are wearing black berets with a prominent white badge on the front.

    A blurry screen grab purports to show Shabazz and a “uniformed MBPP member” as they “set off to march together” with Obama.

    Check out the end of this video,to see that the “uniformed MBPP member” is wearing a black baseball cap.


  4. Jodie says:

    What a dummy! I think he was just makin’ up stuff as he went along – like Obama without a teleprompter.

  5. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Repost for the Canadian Mayonnaise Licking Violence Troll:

    Laoites threaten NYC officials with violent death:

    While Slimes reportnik cranks up demonization of Republicans:

  6. Let Freedom Ring says:

    Khallid Muhammad Calls for White Genocide!!
    The late Khalid Muhammad, former spokesman for Louis Farrakhan

    Watch Video Here

  7. lao says:


    Considering that I have consistently denounced violence, no matter if it was perpetrated or threatened by the left or the right, you are, to say the least, out to lunch.

  8. AC says:

    Do you also condemn theft/robbery like this:

    The nutsos on the far left are calling for communist revolution.

  9. Uneducated Moonbat says:


  10. Wilberforce says:

    Well,…all except “condemning” the violence of Bill Ayers, that is.

  11. Wilberforce says:

    Say, how isKalle Lasndoing these days?

    “Lasn’s utopia is far from that of most Americans. He recommends “Not just a carbon tax, but a global across-the-board pricing system.” An example of life in this brave new world? “Your private automobile will cost you, by some estimates, around $100,000. And a tankful of gas, $250.”

  12. lao says:

    Wilberforce links to a March 25, 2010 Moonbattery post to demonstrate he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

    The proof?

    Let’s see, as I recall Obama was 12 years old when all charges against Ayers were dropped. Obama was 18 when Dohrn turned herself in and was given 3 years probation. I condemn their violent actions with the Weather Underground. So far as I am aware, their actions since that time have been legal and they could not by any stretch of the imagination be characterized as “terrorists”.

    Posted by: lao at March 25, 2010 5:09 PM

  13. TexasDoc says:

    The power of black sperm? Have issues much, there, Mr. “Minister”?

    Sounds like there are lots of issues to keep his therapists busy.

  14. Wilberforce says:

    Nah, the comments were wiped out. As I recall, Evil Otto handed you your toque on that one. You never really did “condemn” Bill Ayers himself because he was uh…”never convicted”. Odd, that.

  15. lao says:

    I save all my comments and, if you like, I can repost every comment I made to that particular thread, including my responses to Evil Otto.

    Wilberforce your “as I recall” has just been demonstrated to be false.

    You were not part of that thread, unless you used to be EvilO or xanti or someone else.

    Unlike your side, I have no problem keeping the same name and standing by what I write.

  16. gorgo says:


    Go on record: are you for or against black sperm?

  17. lao says:

    I’ll go on record as saying the guy in the video is a total flake.

  18. Wilberforce says:

    Nope, not Evil Otto in the slightest. I was Evil Resident back then, but made my moniker more unique. You could say, I “did an action.”

    But feel free to repost the exchange in its entirety. No really. For all to see. “As I recall.”

  19. lao says:

    I don’t have “the exchange” I just have what I wrote. It began with this:

    I think violence is a big deal no matter who does it. Do you agree?
    How about these?
    Timmy McVeigh
    Jim Adkisson
    Richard Poplawski
    Scott Roeder
    Regarding the shooting at Cantor’s office, I condemn that violence and hope the authorities will be able to find and charge whoever was responsible.
    Posted by: lao at March 25, 2010 10:19 AM

    I condemned politically-motivated violence without reservation. Do you?

  20. lao says:

    It would have been more concise for me to say “politically motivated domestic violence”.

  21. Wilberforce says:

    I condemned politically-motivated violence without reservation. Do you?

    But of course. All of it. “I don’t regret setting bombs; I feel we didn’t do enough.” Bill Ayers, New York Times in 2001.

    “Condemn” that one, and there ya go.

  22. lao says:

    “It’s impossible to get to be my age and not have plenty of regrets. The one thing I don’t regret is opposing the war in Vietnam with every ounce of my being.

    “During the Vietnam war, the Weather Underground took credit for bombing several government installations as a dramatic form of armed propaganda. Action was taken against symbolic targets in order to declare a state of emergency. But warnings were always called in, and by design no one was ever hurt.

    “When I say, ‘We didn’t do enough,’ a lot of people rush to think, ‘That must mean, “We didn’t bomb enough s—.”‘ But that’s not the point at all. It’s not a tactical statement, it’s an obvious political and ethical statement. In this context, ‘we’ means ‘everyone.’

    “The war in Vietnam was not only illegal, it was profoundly immoral, millions of people were needlessly killed. Even though I worked hard to end the war, I feel to this day that I didn’t do enough because the war dragged on for years after the majority of the American people came to oppose it. I don’t think violent resistance is necessarily the answer, but I do think opposition and refusal is imperative.”

  23. Wilberforce says:

    “Everything was absolutely ideal…. The sky was blue. The birds were singing. And the bastards were finally going to get what was coming to them.”

    Lovely, isn’t it? Let’s ask his then-girlfriend, Diana Oughton. Can’t. She’s dead. How about Brian McDonnell and his family and then Robert Fogarty and his family? I know, I know, “no conclusive proof”, and so on.

  24. Wilberforce says:

    Either way, I think I’ll be “going for a midnight hike”> See you all around.

  25. KHarn says:

    “lao says:October 6, 2011 at 5:12 pm
    “I save all my comments…”

    Oh goodie! Then you should be able to post ANY comment where you ACTUALLY “condemned all violence”. That is when you said WHAT THAT VIOLENCE WAS, what you found OBJECTIONABLE about it, WHY you condemn it and why OTHERS should object to it.

    You have done that only ONCE and I was so impressed that I THANKED YOU for finding the courage to post it.

    And that FASHION comment you made above? That was a LAME ASS “gotcha”.

  26. TonyD95B says:

    Our resident Loud Angry Obfuscator (lao) has hijacked yet another thread.

    Remember, it’s all about him!!!

    F#ck lao – and f#ck Ridgely Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.

  27. lao says:

    From the March 25, 2010 thread:

    I condemn violence no matter if the perpetrator is on the left or the right. Do you? Posted by: lao

    Once again, Lao The Stooopid shows his hypocracy by NOT condemning leftist violence. Posted by KHarn


    Pay attention Tony – Wilberforce brought up Ayers not me.

  28. lao says:

    Kharn, by “fashion comment” I presume you mean disputing the Breitbart claim that a “uniformed MBPP member” was shown in that video.

    Look at the video and you tell me. Was the guy wearing a black ball cap?

    Were the actual “uniformed MBPP members” at that event wearing berets with a round white logo?

    It’s obvious the answer to both those questions is yes.

    That being the case, Breitbart, and, by extension, Blount, are liars.

  29. Belfast says:

    Ah, Lao. You never let me down.Never deal with a post, just divert divert divert – to you mostly.
    “I think this, I never said that, No, what I said was.” who do you think you are fooling?- don’t answer that.

  30. Festivus says:

    I’m not sure what lao is bleating about on this Selma deal, but if I recall correctly he doesn’t think Obama and Malik marched together. I’ve seen two photos (one was actually a video) that shows Malik right behind BO during the march. My understanding is that there are more photos as well.

  31. lao says:

    Try looking at the linked video Festivus.

  32. Festivus says:

    I’m referring to this video. Fast forward to 1:52 – Malik is right behind BO.

    There’s also another photo that must be copywrited in connection with this new book that’s out. I’ve seen it on TV but can’t find it on the web. But it also shows Malik right behind BO and two or three other “gentlemen” displaying the “black power” sign.

  33. J says:

    I save all my comments and, if you like, I can repost every comment I made to that particular thread, including my responses to Evil Otto.

    Don’t you have homework to do?

  34. lao says:

    Festivus, that’s the same video I linked. Now go to the header and click on Blount’s “old friend” link.

    See the still from that video?

    For starters, you and I obviously have a different understanding of “right behind”.

    See my post @ 3:31 then answer me this.

    Is the guy who is claimed to be a “uniformed MBPP member” wearing the same headgear as the guys flanking Shabazz when he is at the podium?


    Then that begs the question, is the guy in the video actually Shabazz?

  35. Festivus says:

    I don’t know about the guy in the hat and couldn’t care less. I recall you trying to make the case that it was mere coincidence that Malik was at this event and wasn’t associated with BO (or the Clintons) in any way.

    And, yet, he shares a podium and is marching along the route just a few feet behind BO. This other photo that I’ve seen is even more damning since the “black power” signs are just behind BO.

    So, the argument about the guy in the hat is rather immaterial to the essence of the disagreement.

  36. lao says:

    I see.

    So when Breitbart releases a still photo from a video you yourself have linked, and claims a guy marching a few people behind Obama is a “uniformed MBPP member”, you could care less that there is no actual photographic or video evidence that he is wearing a MBPP uniform.

    Naturally, the photo you claim “is even more damning” can’t be linked.

    I’m so surprised.

  37. Festivus says:

    That photo, as I say, must be in this new book that’s coming out and I think that’s why it’s not on the internet. You’ll see it soon enough.

    I don’t know if it’s the same video, I haven’t done the comparison. I’m not interested in the guy in the hat nor Breitbart. It doesn’t matter because the essence of the story is correct.

    Maybe they did err with respect to the fellow in the hat, but the fact remains that BO spoke at the same podium and marched with the NBPs at that event. You’re trying to make hay out of a potential error which is not material to the story.

  38. lao says:

    Too funny.

    The “essence of the story” is NOT correct if a photo has been deliberately captioned as something it isn’t.

    “Marched with”, meaning somewhere in a huge crowd of people there was Obama and a Black Panther. There was also HIllary and Bill Clinton.

    The far right thinks this is significant. It isn’t.

    If a member of Stormfront walks in a Tea Party march that Sarah Palin attends, does that somehow tar her?

    Of course it doesn’t, that kind of thinking is plain stupidity.

    Not even FOX touched this so-called “story”. It was the far right blogs and their loyal parrots who fell for Breitbart’s phony photo.

    And how does Blount try to exploit this? By linking to it yet again in this thread and then making the fatuous claim The people running our federal government are not far removed from those espousing this psychotic ideology.

    Pardon me for laughing.

  39. Tim from TK says:

    “lao says: October 6, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    I save all my comments and, if you like, I can repost every comment I made…”

    What a sad, degraded, pathetic, “life”.

  40. Festivus says:

    If I grant you your point that Breitbart was mistaken about the guy being in a NBP uniform (and I think it’s quite possible that he was mistaken), it doesn’t change the story one bit. It is not a material fact.

    These are the material facts: 1) BO and MS shared the same podium; 2) they marched within feet of each other; and 3) NBPs were also marching within a few feet of BO with their fists in the air.

    I guess you are of the opinion that this does not imply any association or that they were not participating together in this event. An objective person would probably conclude otherwise.

    The significance of it is another thing altogether. If his other associations didn’t derail his candidacy last time, I doubt this episode will make much of a difference this time. There are, frankly, more important issues.

    By the way, FOX did cover this. That is where I saw the photo I described previously (word is that there are more photos, too).

  41. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    African tribalism in its very essence: the new leader takes power, gives choice governmental positions to those who helped get him into power (plus his friends and relatives). They start “spreading the wealth around” to keep their followers and hangers-on loyal. Eventually their total incompetence (as well as the plundering of the treasury – which always leads to massive economic disruption among the populace) brings down the government. A new government is installed, which declares it will end corruption and embark on prudent management of the country’s resources… but in just a few years the cycle is well under way again. New tribe, new hangers-on, new excesses of all kinds.

    Welcome to Kenya-on-the-Potomac.

    Yep, great job, Obama.

  42. Mike_W says:

    Black sperm power!
    For dishes whiter than white!

  43. […] Read the original post: Moonbattery » Black Sperm Power […]

  44. TED says:

    This is why the entire continent of Africa is in chaos!

  45. Jim says:

    Laotard, How much do you get a post? Are you paid in food stamps?

  46. TED says:

    lao is a FAKE! No one can be that STUPID! 😎

  47. ObamaNation says:

    Newly Uncovered Rap Songs Prove That the New Black Panther Party is a Racist Hate Group and Malik Zulu Shabazz is a Liar (Language Warning)

  48. lao's bleeding anus says:

    You’ll have to forgive my owner’s prior comments…

    He’s just worried that I’m going to be denied all that wonderful “black sperm,” you see.

  49. james says:

    More and more white women are surrendering to the power of the black sperm each day.

  50. Let Freedom Ring says:


    Former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes Said Obama was a Radical Communist and Predicted Civil War If Obama Not Stopped

  51. lao says:

    Festivus says: If I grant you your point that Breitbart was mistaken about the guy being in a NBP uniform (and I think it’s quite possible that he was mistaken), it doesn’t change the story one bit. It is not a material fact.

    Well, well, a small concession to reality is finally acknowledged.

    But let’s not rush off from that point just yet. Claiming that Breitbart was “mistaken” in captioning some random guy in a ballcap as a “uniformed MBPP member” is being naive.

    If you are going to embrace a bit of honesty then have the honesty to acknowledge that Breitbart has a history of playing fast and loose with the facts by the deliberate manipulation of “evidence”.

    So, if the “uniformed MBPP member” was a deliberate deception, the obvious next question is “why”?

    Supposedly, the same video/photograph shows Shabazz walking in a crowd of people somewhere behind Obama. Obviously Breitbart manufactured the “uniformed MBPP member” to eliminate any doubt that the other guy actually is Shabazz.

    Is it Shabazz? Who knows?

    Festivus says: These are the material facts: 1) BO and MS shared the same podium; 2) they marched within feet of each other; and 3) NBPs were also marching within a few feet of BO with their fists in the air.

    Re #1, as I have pointed out before, “shared the same podium” does not mean they stood side by side. Lots of people used that podium that day, including Hillary Clinton (see the same video around 1:25). So what?

    Re #2, presuming the guy in the video is actually Shabazz, then it would appear he was three or four people behind Obama in the crowd at some point. As the opening photo in that same video, as well as other photos of the event demonstrate, Hillary and Bill Clinton were 3 and 4 people away from Obama in the front row. All of them had their arms linked with other marchers, none of whom were Black Panthers.

    Re #3, “within a few feet” presumably means “three or four people back in the crowd”. As for the “fists in the air”, you’ll have to provide the photo evidence. If that photo also shows Obama with HIS fist in the air and his other arm linked with Shabazz, then I’ll acknowledge you have more than smoke.

    Lastly, all of your “material facts” apply to Hillary Clinton as well.

    Again, so what?

  52. Dupree says:

    Seems to me that the government is trying to take over everything it can, not selling wholesale.

    But here’s one fact that would make this guy’s head explode if he thought of it:

    Even black sperm is white!

  53. Enough Is Enough says:

    Sign petition to indict Eric Holder!
    Demand sweeping congressional investigation of Obama’s Department of Injustice

    Read more: Sign petition to indict Eric Holder!

  54. Just sayin' says:

    Black sperm has certainly resulted in a lot of welfare babies.

  55. james says:

    Most white liberals crave black sperm; males and females. White women are race traitors

  56. Festivus says:

    lao, you are the poster child for minutia.

    We all know what the media’s treatment of this would be if, say, a KKK person (such as David Duke as you tried to float in another thread) shared a podium and marched with a conservative presidential candidate.

    Think about it.

  57. lao says:

    It wasn’t A Democratic Presidential candidate, it was TWO Democratic presidential candidates.

    Much ado about nothing from the far right, as usual.

  58. Festivus says:

    Suppose there were some Secret Service folks there?

  59. Festivus says:

    In case you missed it, lao, the Washington Post a few days ago ran a feature investigative piece about Rick Perry’s supposed affiliation with a rock that had a racial epithet painted on it. No, none of the Perry family members painted the epithet on the rock and, in fact, Rick’s father painted over the word 30 years ago.

    Nevertheless, it is the Washington Post’s assertion that Rick Perry is somehow affiliated with this racial epithet.

    Can you just imagine what the fallout would be in the media had Rick Perry shared a podium and marched with KKK people?

    (as if anyone outside of the KKK would actually be interested in being anywhere near KKK members, let alone within spitting distance of them during a march)

  60. lao says:

    I previously wrote: If that photo also shows Obama with HIS fist in the air and his other arm linked with Shabazz, then I’ll acknowledge you have more than smoke.

    Nice try. Smoke is smoke.

    I notice that Michael Steele, Mitt Romney and Herman Cain all expressed concern about Perry’s pet rock.

  61. Festivus says:

    So driving past a painted rock is more damning than sharing a podium and marching with the NBPP leader.

    Got it.

    Well, if nothing else, we know the capacity of your objectivity. Or, should I say, it’s been affirmed that you have no capacity for objectivity.

  62. Festivus says:

    You didn’t answer my question about the Secret Service, lao. Do you suppose there was a fairly sizeable security detail during the march?

  63. lao says:

    Festivus, you reveal your own “objectivity” far more than mine.

    You complained about media coverage of the rock and I simply noted that Republicans, including two of the front running candidates for President, had issues with it and THEY decided Rick Perry should answer for it.

    I have already linked information that claims Shabazz had his microphone grabbed by a march organizer at that podium. That suggests to me that the panthers had their own agenda which was not appreciated. No surprise there.

    The panthers claimed to support Obama. So what? David Duke claims to support the Tea Party. Same thing – so what?

    You seem to think that Obama had control over what people walking behind him did. Quite obviously, he had no idea what was going on. It was a public march and the Black Panthers had just as much right as anyone else to march.

    The fact that Bill Clinton was there would suggest a security detail. Hillary was the front runner at the time so they probably did double duty. Obama was #3 at the time. I have no idea how the secret service works that out. Look at the current Republican candidates. Do each of them get some level of security?

  64. Festivus says:

    Thanks for making my point for me, lao.

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