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Jan 05 2017

Blacks Abduct, Torture Mentally Disabled Man, Apparently for Being White

The tree of phony black grievance, so enthusiastically watered by the media and by irresponsible left-wing politicians like Obama, has borne more fruit:

Chicago Police detectives are questioning four African-Americans suspected of torturing a white mentally disabled man and recording the attack, while someone yelled “F— Trump!” and “F— white people!” …

The victim, an 18-year-old man, is believed to have been held hostage and tortured in an apartment in the 3400 block of West Lexington on the West Side, Chicago Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said. …

Several videos of the incident were posted on Facebook. In one of them, on a woman’s Facebook page, a man threatens the victim with a knife. Someone tells the victim, “kiss the floor, b—-!” and “nobody can help you anymore.” At one point, someone tells the man, “say ‘I love black people.’ ”

The victim suffered cuts, burns, and apparently severe trauma.

Watch video here. What language can be comprehended isn’t pretty:

Well, kids will be kids. Don’t forget that sacred blacks are the real victims, as always.

“Although they are adults, they’re 18,” [Area North Detectives Commander Kevin] Duffin said. “They’re young adults and they make stupid decisions.” …

Community activist Andrew Holmes … said he hopes the video doesn’t provoke a racial backlash in Chicago.

To get their backlash, they will have to rely on more hate hoaxes.

It is fitting that this atrocity occurred in Chicago, a city whose single-party political cesspool birthed Obama’s political career, and where he will be making his farewell address. Obama has specialized is validating the ersatz grievances that drive the Black Lives Matter movement. The escalating bogus rhetoric has resulted in riots, assassinations of police officers, and now this.

Affirmative Action, special privileges and preferences of every description, trillions of dollars in welfare payments, and still we don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Maybe we should try revoking the victim card and holding everyone responsible for their own behavior.

On tips from The Bad Captain Madly, J, Rob E, Torcer, Anonymous, Tom in MKE, Bodhisattva, and ABC of the ANC.

34 Responses to “Blacks Abduct, Torture Mentally Disabled Man, Apparently for Being White”

  1. JackisBack says:

    Hate Crime. How much do you want to bet that Detective Duffin and his black buddies got a good laugh out of seeing a handicapped White man tortured and humiliated by younger versions of himself. Same goes for the racist Andrew Holmes.

  2. taxpayer22 says:

    Blacks says that Blacks are the most racist of any race.

  3. Stephen says:

    “They make dumb decisions”

    One would have to be mighty racist to argue that they’re too stupid to understand that kidnapping and torturing someone is a serious crime…

    “he hopes the video doesn’t provoke a racial backlash in Chicago.”

    Forget the crime that actually happened, let’s worry instead about the extremely remote likelihood of a violent white reaction.

  4. Jack Ma says:

    AMAZING how these two clowns in charge of the Chicago Police can’t call this a racial bigotry crime. Sounds just like our sissy President not calling terrorists Radical Islamic Terrorists. At least people are starting to awake from the haze of Political Correctness, realizing what it has done to us as a people and a culture.

    Obama’s legacy? Race relations are worse than ever. He destroyed our economy with measures like the ACA and open borders. Obamacare has been nothing short of a disaster. My health insurance bill is up to 650 per month. (Compare this to my $25 per month car insurance from Insurance Panda or my $10 a month life renters insurance – both private enterprise!) And he is anti-police, anti-white, anti-Christian – you name it!

    The Obama Legacy, encouraging thugs to thug. The most crime infested areas of the country are all run by Democrats.

  5. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    This is not hate, you filthy crackas – so says the African- American Chicago police spokesmen.

  6. Mr. Freemarket says:

    That is how cowards operate.

  7. Tetzman says:

    The moron that filmed it is guilty too!

  8. DM says:

    Obviously a childhood prank, no hate involved. They are just weak.

    Excerpts from an article: The Power of Weakness
    The full article is longish but very interesting.

    Posted: 01 Jan 2017 10:19 PM PST

    Weakness is one of the greatest forms of power imaginable in the modern West. Weakness grants irresponsibility for personal actions and more importantly in a collectivist society, it provides freedom from for the collective burdens of society and civilization.

    The weak are not responsible for their actions. They can rob, kill and rape, and still be excused for it . They can blow up buildings, behead prisoners and get sympathetic nods. Because they had no choice.

    Weakness is helplessness, it implies irresponsibility because the weak are not capable of making their own choices. Their choices have been made for them by the “Man”, the “Patriarchy”, the “Privileged” and the “Military-Industrial Complex”– all different names for the defined power structure and the people who are responsible for it.

    Since the choices have been made for them, they have no choice but to lash out. When they kill, it is not an action, but a reaction.

    To the people being raped or murdered by them, the ones jumping from buildings and coming to claim the pieces of their children at the morgue afterward, they do not appear to be helpless at all. But that is only because the people being raped and murdered, and waiting to identify a small can of their child’s remains are privileged. So privileged that they don’t know how responsible they are for the state of affairs which caused them to be raped or murdered. Which caused their children to end up in coffee cans.

    In a society where people are expected to feel responsibility for planetary catastrophes and local inequities alike– weakness is the greatest form of freedom.

    Weakness is moral freedom because it liberates you from responsibility for your own actions and those of society. It is political freedom, because the weak can never say or believe anything that is inherently wrong, only “unhelpful”. It is political privilege because politicians are expected to pay more attention to the downtrodden. It is economic privilege because companies are expected to redress social ills by advantaging the oppressed.

  9. Marylou says:

    And whose tax money is supporting these thugs to give them enough free time to think up such diabolical cruelty?

    “They make dumb decisions.” Yes, they do. And they’d remember how dumb they are a lot better if they had to spend the next 20-30 years in the slammer or, better yet, on a chain gang.

  10. MAS says:

    All the direct evidence shows this clearly as a hate crime against a white person and if the melanin had been reversed Chicago PD would be announcing this as a hate crime already. These politically correct idiots are pushing us closer to the edge of a backlash like they haven’t seen before…all while hoping to avoid one by the blacks (like these monsters) who are already out of control anyway.

  11. jeffunde says:

    said he hopes the video doesn’t provoke a racial backlash in Chicago.

    Don’t they also say then when a MUSLIM kills people, they are more concerned about the blacklash on Muslims which never happens!

  12. Fiberal says:

    The way things are going, calling an atrocity like this an atrocity will carry charges.

    If you’re white.

    American Negrophilia and pandering has produced nothing short of a socially-acceptable level of criminality and what can only be described as terrorism in this country. Disgraceful, racist and cowardly.

    But at the very least, you would think that in the interest of fairness, liberals would had given U.S. citizens just a little more time to work out it’s black problems before piling on millions more white-hating hispanics and muslims.

  13. Taters says:

    …..and now we have this today in Chicago:

    ONLY in liberal, Rahm Emanuel’s home town of Chicago. Thugs make special needs teenager drink toilet water: .

  14. Mack says:

    I blame Indiana and the Russians.

  15. JackisBack says:

    Trump should invite the young White victim of black aggression to the White House within the first month and have a press conference. He should demand stronger hate crime laws that treat all victims of hate crimes equally, regardless of skin tone or mental capacity. He should say “If I had a handicapped son he might look a lot like this young man and the thought of him being attacked for his race really hurts me deeply.”

    Then he should demand that the Chief of Police of Chicago and all the other black racists covering up this hate crime resign.

  16. KHarn says:

    The modern version of “I was just following orders”.

  17. Rotohammer says:

    A very interesting take. Marxism is like whack-a-mole – anybody that gets ahead through their own efforts is vulnerable to a smack-down. The productive are mocked as “privileged” and blamed for ruining the planet.

  18. roccolore says:

    Could this be the first time blacks were ever charged with hate crimes?

  19. Donna M says:

    As a parent of a develpmentally challenged adult…
    Disgusted over the prosecutorial apathy in Chicago…
    Looks like we’ll have to rely on the “poetic sense of justice” outcome….

    …which says much!

  20. Donna M says:

    …remembering after all, it still is “Chicago”.
    …and there is a stunningly “good” chance that poetic justice will certainly be met out, “sooner rather than, later.

  21. Donna M says:

    In their ownership “prescribed” demographic zone.

  22. JackisBack says:

    They have been making excuses for black violence against Whites their entire careers, why stop now? Especially when it is encouraged by Obama and friends.

  23. StephaneDumas says:

    If MLK was still alive, he might had the same reaction as shown in that meme. Meme founded at

  24. james says:

    It’s incredibly telling, when you read the statements by police, how absolutely neutered they’ve been by BLM. Theyre terrified to call this a “hate crime”, even when I cant think of anything more that these animals could have done to qualify as such. Just some kids, messing around, right?? Fucking pathetic, he should be immediately fired

  25. Jodie says:

    Oh come on! If someone had thrown a piece of bacon on the doorstep of a mosque, the Chicago Police would be labeling it a hate crime.

  26. Torcer says:

    UPDATE: Police Respond…

    Chicago hate crime exposes what the media has become (and how conservatives should respond) via @DaTechGuyblog

    Shaun King Will Not “Speak Out” on Chicago Hate Crime | RedState

    White House: ‘Too Early To Tell’ If Chicago Kidnapping Is A Hate Crime [VIDEO] via @dailycaller

    I think we just found the worst media analysis of the Chicago kidnapping

    Facebook refuses to explain why live video of attack wasn’t removed sooner

    Chicago Is Breaking

  27. Torcer says:

    #BLMKidnapping Cover-Up? Hate-Crime Hypocrisy!

  28. […] anything could be more horrifying than the mentality of the savages who kidnapped and tortured a cognitively disabled young man for being white, it could only be the depraved indifference of a […]

  29. jeffsmessydesk says:

    Only white people can be racist or evil. It’s a privilege thing, you wouldn’t understand…

  30. HarleyBobb a Deplorable says:

    They didn’t mean it, they were having a fun and it got out of hand…ask Barry if you don’t believe me.LOL

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