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Jul 23 2019


What if the establishment media hated blacks instead of men? To get an idea of what it would be like, we can replace “men” with “blacks” and “women” with “whites” in a tedious piece on The Conversation (which congratulates itself right in the header on its “academic rigor”). Introducing blacksplaining:

Blacks feel the need to explain something to a white, even if the white hasn’t asked for an explanation and often pertaining to something that’s directly in the white’s area of expertise and not at all in the black’s. …

“Not all blacks” is the regular refrain. But, honestly, such protestations smack of an unwillingness to listen to the legitimate experiences of whites in the workplace. …

For those of you who fear you might be blacksplainers, keep in mind — even if you are an expert, but the white is an expert too and hasn’t asked for your advice — maybe you still just stay silent. What’s the harm in listening? You might learn something.

Blacks might find such snide, condescending malice irritating in the extreme. But if they had been targeted for scapegoating, no one would care how they feel. They would just have to grin and bear it, the way men do in our society.

On a tip from Fabio J.

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