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Apr 25 2019

Blue State Taxes Drive Out the Productive

Progressives don’t like federalism. That’s why they undermined the purpose of the Senate with the 17th Amendment, and why they threaten to radically alter our system of government by abolishing the Electoral College. They hate federalism for the same reason the Founding Fathers established it. Federalism provides a free market for liberty. If statism gets out of control in some states, people will escape the excessive taxes and generate wealth in other states that show more respect for property rights. This hits states ruled by greedy leftists hard:

“About 0.47 percent of people have migrated out of New York, which is the highest of any of the 50 states … it’s like 40,000 people,” Dolly Lenz Real Estate Managing Director Jenny Lenz told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, adding that many of them are moving to Florida because “the taxes are so low.”

They aren’t leaving for California like they might have done in the past.

California – which used to be a destination for wealthier New Yorkers – is now losing residents to states like Florida, Nevada and Texas…

People are also pouring out of New Jersey and Connecticut. Those who stay are more likely to benefit from Big Government — that is, to be people who consume more than they produce. The result is erosion of the tax base and debasement of the population.

Theoretically, those running blue states would see that they are losing their most productive citizens and turn back from their tyrannical policies. But insatiable greed and devotion to the increasingly fanatical cult of leftism that has taken hold of the Democrat Party cause them to double down on their moonbattery instead:

We’ve spent a lot of time railing against the high taxes in Democrat-run states like New Jersey, New York, Illinois, California and Connecticut. We’ve suggested, and shown, that a mass exodus is getting under way.

But those states just won’t quit. There’s a whole raft of new taxes still to come. Nasty little charges and fees that touch just about everyone.

Rather than make these states more hospitable for people who work for a living rather than vote for a living, the progressives in charge are intent on wringing every possible penny out of them before they run away.

When liberal utopia is achieved, there will be no separate states to run to, or nations either — only a single globalist government. Then statists can keep raising taxes until there is no more wealth to tax because generating wealth no longer makes any sense.

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