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May 03 2018

Boy Scouts Drop “Boy” from Name

You can see why leftist social engineers wanted to destroy the Boy Scouts. The organization represented everything liberals despise: tradition, wholesomeness, self-reliance, patriotism, decency, strength, godliness. What is harder to understand is why the Boy Scouts gave in to liberal bullies again and again, until their backs were to a cliff and they inevitably fell off into oblivion:

The organization on Wednesday announced a new name for its Boy Scouts program: Scouts BSA. The change will take effect in February. …

On social media, there was widespread criticism of the name change, generally suggesting it’s a misguided display of political correctness that undercuts the Boy Scouts’ legacy. But…

…that is wrongthink; we are expected to embrace progressives doing to the Scouts what they have been doing to marriage. After all, the purpose is to be inclusive:

“Scouts BSA perfectly represents the new, inclusive program for older Scouts that the Boy Scouts of America is proud to offer,” said Effie Delimarkos, a spokeswoman.

Only bad people who must be shunned don’t want to be inclusive.

Thought criminal Matt Walsh recalls how the Boy Scouts got to this point:

First, they ceded to the Left’s demands and admitted gay scouts. Then it surrendered again and admitted gay scout leaders. Then it surrendered again and admitted “transgenders.” Then it surrendered again and admitted girls. Then it surrendered once more and abandoned its name and any last vestige of its identity. Now it is just a dry, pitiful husk…

It’s not enough just to crush something. First progressives have to turn it against itself, reducing it to something pathetic. That’s why Stalin had his show trials.

More Matt Walsh:

I won’t let my sons anywhere near this embarrassment of an organization. I want them to be men, not simpering, pathetic, little effeminate weaklings, which is what the “Scouts” embody at this point. But the Scouts will provide a very helpful example for my boys. I plan to use this sad story as a cautionary tale to teach them one crucial thing:

Never, ever, ever, ever surrender to the enemies of truth and reason.

Do not give them an inch.

Forget the camel with its head in the tent. The Boy Scouts serve as the ultimate parable for the insidious incrementalism inherent in the word “progressive.”

Did the Boy Scouts think that anything less than total capitulation would appease the Left? If so, they were fools. Every concession was an invitation to further demands.

Imagine the NFL being bullied into dropping the word “football” from its name. That’s how much of a joke the Boy Scouts have become.

Never refer to sexually deranged men with female pronouns. Never accept sick social engineering mandates. Never nod along with B.S. liberal platitudes that you know are lies. Never give an inch or you will end up like the Boy Scouts.

On a tip from Eddie_Valiant.

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