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Jun 07 2016

Boy Takes All-State Honors in Girls’ Track and Field

Among the casualties of the grotesque cultural Marxist war on biological reality will be girls’ sports:

High school girls in Alaska are crying foul after a male sprinter took home all-state honors in girls’ track and field. According to local reports, it was the first time in Alaskan history that a male athlete competed in the girls’ state championships.

Haines senior Nattaphon Wangyot–who self-identifies as a girl–advanced to the state finals in the 100-meter and 200-meter events. He won fifth place in the 100-meter dash and third place in the 200-meter. In both events, he competed against girls as young as ninth grade.

As an added benefit of being the kind of guy the social engineers in charge want to see more of, young Mr. Whatnot no doubt gets to watch the real girls shower.

Wangyot’s district doesn’t even require boys to undergo hormone therapy before competing in girls’ events.

According to the currently correct liberal dogma, a girl is any guy who says he feels like a girl.

Wangyot — who immigrated from Thailand in 2014, according to the Alaska Dispatch News — also played on the girls’ volleyball and basketball teams.

Since the differences between boys and girls are strictly a matter of sexist patriarchal social constructs, why not cut to the chase and make all teams unisex? The result will be an end to girls’ sports, which would be a shame, but at least it would keep boys out of girls’ locker rooms, since only boys would play sports.

On a tip from Steve A.

38 Responses to “Boy Takes All-State Honors in Girls’ Track and Field”

  1. Karma's Janitor says:

    Read a couple of years ago women’s pro sports are going to blessed with sex changed men, it takes a while to complete all the surgeries I guess.
    yep, the world needs a reset, to thin the population a little.

  2. TheChaoticStorm says:

    It’s nice to see ultra-feminists’ screeches of “Men and women are the SAME!” coming back to bite them in the butt.

    This is a side effect of that sort of deluded thinking. Anyone can tell you that on average, a biological male is going to be bigger, stronger, and faster than a biological female. It’s like they are made that way.

    Unfortunately, it’s the real women who have to suffer the consequences of this inane social engineering.

  3. Jack Bauer says:

    Can’t wait to watch the Olympics in another couple of years…

    That ultra P.C. organization will never have the balls to stand up to this nonsense. So it’s a safe bet that international institution will render itself totally meaningless very soon from now.

    Don’t ever suppose that the world can’t get any nuttier…..because you’ll be wrong!

    Well…..I’m off now. I’m going up town for a walk so I can pee on all the fire hydrants I come across. If the police try to stop me, I’ll just tell them that I self identify with Labrador Retrievers for today, and I don’t appreciate their discriminatory micro-aggressions…….

  4. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Hey! Under Title IX, he did everything right. Then he properly ID’ed himself as a herself and entered the proper race and won. So now the screeching starts? Over what?
    This just gets more amusing by the day. Since they changed the rules for
    most sports to make them “safe” or “safer” the only thing left is to stop keeping
    score. Given that, what difference does this make. Herself by coming in first won’t have won; everyone gets a first place trophy and finally they can have a piggy pile in the locker room to find out who is what.

  5. Swordie says:

    TV is gonna get AWESOME.

  6. Swordie says:


  7. Milwaukee says:

    Actually, the Olympics are “open”. Any woman may compete in men’s events, if she so chooses. Any man may participate in women’s events if his testosterone levels have been low enough for a specified length of time.

  8. Stosh says:

    Can’t wait for unisex Wrestling teams in High School, it will surpass HS Football in popularity…..

  9. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Yep, somehow every school and university not only has to have a full set of girls’ teams, they have to spend the same on them (though the mens sports bring in MUCH more money). Yes, if men and women are really not different, then no need for separate teams. Also, this aside, it would seem to fly in the face of separate but equal.

    Now, dude competed in the girls’ division and couldn’t do better than 3rd and 5th 🙂

  10. rambler says:

    Theater of the absurd!

  11. katya kakhov says:

    He cheated and still came in 5th and 3rd ? Whatta fag !!

  12. Exit Only says:

    Think this is ironic? Wait till transgendered guys start winning beauty pageants. We’ll see how equality and diversity holds up against hard-wired genetic feminine jealousy.

  13. TheChaoticStorm says:

    They’re already Women of the Year. Not much of a stretch.

  14. Jack Bauer says:

    Ughhh… the “pairs skating ” event isn’t already enough of an ordeal to watch.
    So, I suppose we can also see other events being renamed:
    Two-man-bobsled event will have to be called the two-gender-neutral -bobsled competition.

    Damn….I don’t even want to contemplate what it will do the Greco-Roman Wrestling competition.

    Once a society embraces any of the principles of modern day liberalism, the inevitable descent into total madness is just over that next rise.

  15. Ed. G. Mann says:

    They already have females wrestling males via a couple of lawsuits. The “females” look like they should be on a Sumo team, rather than a HS gym mat.

  16. Eddie_Valiant says:

    When one of my sons was on his high school wrestling team, they faced a much larger school that had female wrestlers. Being that the boys were gentlemen, they had a difficult time competing with the girls. After being raised to believe you don’t fight a girl, even in the competitive sports, they couldn’t let loose. Most of those matches went to the girls.

  17. SolidusRaccoon says:

    Been waiting for this to happen. You suck at playing on the boys team? Just claim you are a girl and BAM instant trophy. So what if you have an unfair advantage? Can’t make it on the boys basketball team? Just go play on the girls.

  18. John W. says:

    What was his time for the 100-meter and 200-meter events? And how would that compare to the time for the last-place finisher on the boy’s team, in those same events?

  19. xpatYankeeCurmudgeon says:

    *Foreign-born* identity politics hustlers,equalists and competitive victimhood candidates making their way to Uh’murca, to take advantage of and crowd out native-born beneficiaries of the Democrat-Socialist cultMarx derangement of society?

    Say it ain’t so, Lefty McDipshyte!

  20. Figbash says:

    This is why there hasn’t been a visitation by aliens– the outer space kind. No sign of intelligent life anywhere.

  21. TED says:

    In the OLD days Soviets were ejected for this, NOW the freaks are praised. THIS IS truly the end of competition, bring on the PARTICIPATION AWARDS.

  22. TED says:

    BINGO, the left are far too disgusting for them.

  23. TED says:

    Another way the left is using to destroy competition. Typical LEFT, THEY NEVER could win before so lets destroy it for everyone.

  24. TED says:

    The WORLD today…thanks to the freaks.

  25. TED says:

    Perfectly LEGAL in NYC!

  26. TED says:

    It’s about the destruction of competition so THEY are good with it. Typical left, if they can’t do it ruin it for everyone.

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  28. grayjohn says:

    If you put a Mercedes hood ornament on a pickup truck, it doesn’t turn into a Mercedes. If this, this, thing is still packing a penis, however shriveled and worthless it may be, this thing is still male and needs to be treated as such.

  29. grayjohn says:

    They need to get over that and give them the equality, bruises, and assorted injuries that go with wrestling.

  30. Number 6 says:

    I think ALL men should start playing from the red tees… Take away all accommodations being “stolen” by these deranged individuals.

  31. Steve says:

    Soon the story will read “For the first time in history, a horse was allowed to enter a race historically reserved for people. This was a landmark event, as species segregation was crushed and conceptions were challenged. Amazingly, the horse won the race, as throngs of onlookers cheered for the species-oppressed under dog. Yay diversity!”

  32. rex freeway says:

    This should be done in every state. See how long feminist remain silent.

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