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May 29 2018

Boycott Publix

Disgustingly, Publix has caved at least in part to teenage tyrant David Hogg’s outrageous demands, confirming the widely held belief among progressives that they can impose their will through strongarm tactics.

Publix announced it has suspended contributions to Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, a self-proclaimed “proud NRA sellout,” after survivors of the deadly Parkland school shooting held “die-in” protests at two supermarkets on Friday.

Publix was not giving money to the NRA. Most likely it donated to Putnam because he is pro-business, not because he is pro–gun rights.

Donating money to a political candidate is political speech. Looks like foul-mouthed adolescent overlord David Hogg has the power to squelch it.

Or maybe not:

Thousands of Americans have voiced their displeasure over Publix’s lack of backbone and have decided to take their grocery needs to other stores.

A sample of the sentiment:

If Publix pays a price for caving to left-wing fascism, others may show fortitude in the future. If not, David Hogg has veto power over political speech.

This is not only about the Second Amendment; leftists are exploiting Parkland to go after the First. It is crucial that shoppers avoid Publix.

On a tip from ScarletPimpernel.

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