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Jun 30 2018

Bradley Manning Crushed in Landslide Defeat

The big primary win by “democratic socialist” (i.e., dangerous kook) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have you wondering if there is any limit to the extremism of those voters who have not walked away from the radicalized Democratic Party. Happily, there may be. At least the shudder-inducingly grotesque Bradley Manning didn’t win:

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin took the Maryland primary this week with more than 80 percent of the party’s votes, winning in a landslide over challenger and convicted leaker Chelsea Manning.

“Chelsea,” as Bradley now calls himself, committed ~750,000 acts of treason in the largest intelligence leak in US history. No one will ever know how many lives were lost as a result. Sensing a kindred spirit, Barack Obama commuted his sentence.

Manning is a hero among liberals, but even the same Maryland Democrats who inflicted Martin O’Malley upon the country have higher standards than to vote for him. However, he might have had better luck if he had run in New York, where he was featured in a parade.

Let’s hope the disappointment doesn’t get him back out on that ledge — always assuming that the picture he posted of his ludicrously painted toenails with a street far below wasn’t a pathetic bid for sympathy.

On a tip from Chronos Z. Wonderpig.

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