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May 07 2017

Brain AIDS, a.k.a. Cultural Marxism

Moses Apostaticus tries to make sense of the moonbattery that is causing Western Civilization to destroy itself, and diagnoses brain AIDS spawned by the Cult of Equality:

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

9 Responses to “Brain AIDS, a.k.a. Cultural Marxism”

  1. physicsnut says:

    and guess who spreads brain aids
    // french election – a smorgasbord of “progressive” blatherings

    // the Forward says jews and muslims unite against Le Pen
    //robt reich blames russia – says nothing about obama endorsing Macron
    // ooh – threats to “democracy”
    // more “suspected” russian hackers
    // at least the Nation mentions Obama endorsement
    // salon loves censorship
    // guess who amy goodman is against
    // the huffington P.O.S. weighs in – guess which side
    // Atlantic flat out blames the russians – proof ? we dont need no steenking proof

  2. Tkopfens says:

    We need an economic collapse now. We need massive decline in the standard of living for everyone. Then we can rebuild.

  3. Sandy Reardon says:

    I work 55 hours a week and need a decline in my standard of living— Whyyy?

  4. 762x51 says:

    “expect a fight”

    Now where have I heard that before . . . ROTFLMFAO!!!

    As Colonel David Hackworth (1930-2005) said, “kill a commie for mommy”. Or are we just waaaaayyyy to PC for that today?

  5. Tkopfens says:

    Illegal aliens need health care. Illegal alien’s children need to be educated. 55 million people need to their monthly food stamps. HUD needs to build housing in your neighborhood for the new refugees. Please make your new Muslim neighbors feel comfortable. BLM needs more representation in government positions, tech industries, healthcare fields, and business administration positions. Sandy, these things don’t come free and our federal government will need more tax money.
    You work hard to fuel a system that opposes you. I am suggesting Atlas Shrug. I want the system to clean its self out. Starve the beast!

  6. Pamelammorales says:

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  7. KirklesWorth says:

    On, don’t be modest…you deserve a pat on the head for your years and years of proselytizing it – as far back as 2011:

    762×51: (10/19/2011) The civil war that is coming will see either freedom or totalitarianism as the result.

  8. 762x51 says:

    That’s right kirkleprick, years and years of trying to get conservatives off their dead ass to fight 5th column enemies of the United States such as yourself.

    Another excellent example of your psychosis. You went back SIX YEARS and reviewed all my posts, only to re-post them and prove I was right then and I’m right now, how funny. An epic fail on your part and proof positive you are fully on board with the Progressive agenda.

    Moses Apostaticus gets it, apparently Blount gets it, but clearly you don’t get it, OR are on the side of the enemy. Being stalked by an impotent weasel like you has provided countless hours of entertainment.

    But you can still, GFY. Sellout Progressive 5th column scumbag.

  9. KirklesWorth says:

    No matter how many times you lie about me being a “progressive”, your favorite Alinksy rules #5, 6, 8, 11 & 13 won’t make it so.

    But you also said since five years ago as well that “it’s too late”, so who cares what you say? You’ve been wrong so many times it’s laughably pathetic.

    You are going to preach to me about “psychosis”? You are the sociopath who wants to kill me as well as kill over 80% of the population, so spare us the ridiculously condescending projections. And you are the only self-identified progressive. Hillary surrender monkey, and enemy of the United States here.

    Poor baby being “stalked”? You declared me your “errand boy, personal secretary, historian, camp follower and all around hanger on” and I will do my civic duty as a public service to repost your “wisdom” for posterity since you said you are “glad you like my work so much”, that I can “re-post all you want”, said “knock yourself out”, that you “love this copy and paste of my old work”, that you won’t waste your time looking up something you already posted, and beseeched Dave, I hope you have all the Trumpanzee sewage cataloged so we can replay their greatest hits and rub their noses in it daily after Nov. 8th, regardless of which scenario plays out.

    Are you going to offer up any proof, or just vomit more stupidity for you to hypocritically contradict yourself on? And don’t forget the two outstanding questions you keep trying to evade:

    Question 1: Your military background involved which branch of the U.S. Armed Forces in which you have worn a uniform, did your Basic Training and did your service time aquiring your prior military experience in your old platoon with your former commander where you were waterboarded, complete with concurrent electric shock and clubbing but you steadfastly refused to cooperate so we did it all over again, and again and again for days on end, where you did not become an officer or receive any decorations / medals, but EAS’d more than a regular veteran, more than a combat veteran, but one of our proud American combat veterans who got paid to do something ambiguous but ended up being an old, broke-dick Nam vet anyway?

    Question 2: What was your kill count of fascists and communists back in 72 where you used the capability in a fight on two occasions before the fall of Saigon when were you in Vietnam and what did you do in the rice paddies of South East Asia back in the days of the South East Asia War Games and in the jungles of southeast Asia before you ended up in Iraq or Afghanistan or both and were on the streets of Fallujah and Ramadi and the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan?

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