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Nov 29 2023

Brandon Johnson Blames Right-Wing Extremists

Why is it that cities run by leftist Democrats elected based on their pigmentation are dysfunctional hellholes unfit for human inhabitation? Chicago’s Marxist, pro-criminal Mayor Brandon Johnson reveals the awful truth. Right-wing extremists are to blame for the collapse of “Democratically ran cities that are led by people of color”:

Johnson was announcing new support for migrants when he went on a tirade blaming the right for the crisis after being asked if he would support a limit on the number of migrants being sent to Chicago from other states and cities.

Evidently the vast right-wing conspiracy previously exposed by Shrillary is destroying Johnson’s city just to be racist.

Right-wing extremists wreak evil right there in Chicago. Recall that fabulously gay Actor of Color Jussie Smollett was subjected to racial oppression in the Windy City by white supremacists proclaiming it to be “MAGA country.”

Despite the scheming of extremists, Johnson soldiers on, continuing to assert that Chicago “will always be a sanctuary city” for illegal aliens as he fundamentally transforms American’s erstwhile Second City into a cross between a Haitian shanty town and a toxic waste dump.

Brandon Johnson personifies the Democrat Death Spiral, a vortex of doom that has claimed Chicago. Residents are advised to get out.

On tips from Wiggins and ABC of the ANC.


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