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Dec 29 2023

Brandon Johnson Escalates Looting in Chicago

Elections have consequence. An inevitable consequence of electing a supporter of Black Lives Matter looters is more looting — this time not just enabled by the government, but committed by it. From Chicago:

Mayor Brandon Johnson believes reparations for descendants of slaves will help improve his city’s rising crime rate. …

Johnson’s 2024 budget includes $100 million for violence prevention, but also $500,000 to form a Commission on Restoration and Reparations.

If it costs $500,000 just to form a commission, wait until they start passing out other people’s money based on race.

“Violence prevention” means useless gestures, probably largely consisting of public service announcements to the effect that violence is bad. As a BLM supporter who openly sides with criminals against law enforcement, Johnson ran on a platform of defunding the police.

Chicago has well and truly succumbed to the Democrat Death Spiral. Residents are advised to get out while it is still possible to sell their property.

Johnson on Wednesday claimed reparations would also help reduce violent crime, though he was yet to directly explain how.

Free money is not going to reverse the collapse of civilization in diverse hellholes like Chicago. On the contrary, that’s what caused it. The welfare state provided both the mentality and the manpower to fill the streets and now City Hall with mobs of looters.

On tips from Ed McAninch, WDS 2.0, Dr. Kufi Tutite, and ABC of the ANC.


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