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Nov 08 2018

Brass Pills Pushes Back Against Feminazis

The outrageously unjust immolation of Brett Kavanaugh made it clear that we need to put up resistance to malevolent feminism before the moonbattery gets any worse. John Hawkins does his part with a new website for men called Brass Pills:

As a man, [the Kavanaugh travesty] was like having the blindfold ripped off my eyes and seeing that, no, there aren’t just a few bad actors out there, there are tens of millions of people in general and women in particular that are perfectly fine with a man being falsely accused of sexual assault. … If all it takes to destroy a man is an unprovable 30 year old accusation, who is going to be in the average man’s corner if he’s hit with a charge like this? His boss will probably cut and run. The media certainly isn’t going to ask any tough questions about an accuser’s credibility in the #metoo era.

If Kavanaugh had been shot down, it would have become official that any man can be destroyed by any woman, with no evidence or even likelihood of guilt. Anyone bold enough to defend due process would be shouted down with bogus slogans about “patriarchy” and “rape culture.”

We came two votes away from that happening. Every single Democrat except Joe Manchin voted to throw justice and reason to the she-wolves. (Manchin would have joined them if he didn’t have to run for reelection in West Virginia.)

Kavanaugh is hated by liberals for being a constitutional conservative, but the specific crime they came after him for was being a man.

That’s why I decided to create this website — so someone will be out there pushing against feminists, the abuses of the #metoo movement and the attempts to “redefine masculinity” as something more feminine. Feminism today has turned into a combination of radicalism, man-hating and demands for special treatment.

Pushback is clearly required before the #MeToo witch hunts get any farther out of control. The GOP picking up seats in the Senate is a step in the right direction (every Democrat running from a battleground state who voted against Kavanaugh was defeated). Brass Pills is another. The section on feminists is especially recommended for moonbattologists.

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