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May 15 2016

Brexit the Movie

Just how intolerable is the congealing Kafkaesque tyranny that is the European Union? Brexit the Movie gives an idea. A little long, but highly recommended for opponents of authoritarian Big Government:

Britons, don’t make your descendants slaves and your proud ancestors ashamed. Get out of the EU when you get your last chance this June 23. Register by June 7.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

6 Responses to “Brexit the Movie”

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  2. Ed. G. Mann says:

    When the UK leaves the EU, the Brits will be able to join the other Monarchy, the House of Saud. They have some oil, but that isn’t the requisite item. The UK soon will have the proper religious identity.

  3. Pyrran says:

    If the UK leaves the EU, it will be the best decision made in Britain since the end of World War 2. PeeEww on the EeeYeeew

  4. Donna M says:

    …and the Wormwood, loves the EU and the United Nations!
    I say, stop the US taxpayers, subsidizing, the majority portons of the international agencies, like the UN and NATO!
    Why does the Wormwood resort to monetary influence of reward and or extortion, off the backs of US taxpayers!

  5. mouth2taco says:

    Meh, not much of a choice. I’m sure they would be better off without the EU, but they are still a socialist – sorry, democratic socialist – country. They will still have a huge bureaucracy that will want price controls and protectionism and regulations. Sure, they will be able to vote the bums out, but they will just be replace with more of the same. Still, one choice still seems better than the other. Sound familiar?

    I’d love a chance for a referendum to restore freedom, repeal much of the Constitution, and abolish at least 75% of the federal government and at least 95% of the regulations. That is, I’d love the chance to vote before the country collapses.

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