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May 24 2019

Britain Bans Plastic Straws, Stirrers, and Cotton Swabs

The incremental criminalization of everything imaginable marches onward, to the delight of the Daily Mail and the British people. Plastic straws, stirrers, and cotton swabs are now deemed threatening and are banned as of next April:

More than 80 per cent backed the ban on straws, 90 per cent on drinks stirrers and 89 per cent on plastic cotton buds [i.e., Q-tips].

If the relentless brainwashing continues, they will soon have 100% approval for banning plastic altogether.

Metal and wood will soon follow. The use of these materials detracts from a state of pristine nature.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove thanked the Daily Mail for softening up the public with radical environmentalist propaganda that can be exploited to ban for the sake of banning, ever increasing the power of Big Government. If the media starts shrieking for something to be made illegal, soon it will be.

The media echoes what it hears from environmental activists. For them, too much will never be enough. Predictably, Greenpeace reacted to the new restrictions by barking that they “only scratch the surface” and that “bigger, bolder action” — i.e., still more repressive action — from Big Government is needed.

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