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Apr 09 2018

Britain Begins Restricting Knives

Banning guns failed to reduce violence, so Britain has moved on to restricting knives.

As London degenerates into anarchotyranny under Islamomoonbat Mayor Sadiq Khan, knife violence is exploding:

Five teenagers and one man have been stabbed in London within the space of 90 minutes amid a surge in knife and gun violence in the capital.

No worries; statists are taking steps:

Anyone buying a knife online will be banned from having it sent to a residential address, under a government crackdown following a surge in street stabbings.

By the time incremental restrictions have rendered Britain knifeless, Big Government will move on to protecting its subjects from blunt objects, even as it continues to import massive numbers of Third Worlders and along with them the violence of their dysfunctional native lands.

On tips from Bodhisattva, Chronos Z. Wonderpig, Jester, Artfldgr, and Lyle. Hat tip: Power Line.

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