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Nov 09 2019

British Children Not Allowed to Play Tag

Where the Nazis went wrong was attempting to conquer England too soon. If they had just waited a couple of generations, it would have been a cakewalk. Imagine a generation brought up like this fighting off the Third Reich. Kids are not even allowed to play tag because it might get too rough:

Pupils at Rudyard Kipling Primary School, Woodingdean, were reportedly told they could no longer touch each other while playing at break time. …

A letter sent home to parents by the headteacher Joanne Smith said it follows concerns about “play fighting and rough play” that were “causing some children to get upset”.

She said games such as “it” and “team it” had “escalated” and said a new “gentle hands” rule was in place at the school.

Instead of Nazis, Pakistanis and other Third Worlders get the spoils. Whether formerly great Britain will still be worth conquering after being rotted away by moonbattery is debatable.

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