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Mar 11 2019

British Crackdown on Knives Progresses

The right to keep in bear arms has been essentially eradicated in Britain. Now it is time to move on to knives:

Walmart-owned British supermarket chain Asda said it will remove single kitchen knives from sale in all its stores by the end of April.

This may be to forestall government action:

Prime Minister Theresa May has convened a meeting of ministers and community leaders to discuss ways of tackling the problem.

That is, the problem of people being allowed to have knives.

A British judge has suggested banning large pointed kitchen knives. There is a ban on ordering a knife online and having it sent to a residential address. It is illegal in Britain to sell a knife to someone less that 18 years old. Lancashire Constabulary had an amnesty during which people could obey their slogan “Save a Live, Surrender Your Knife” without fear of prosecution.

When progressives achieve a comprehensive ban on knives, they will go after blunt instruments. After that, they will probably have everyone’s teeth pulled so that people can’t bite each other.

Meanwhile, the criminal class that progressives import on a massive scale from the Third World continues to have no problem acquiring the weapons needed to terrorize the increasingly defenseless population of law-abiding citizens.

On tips from Stormfax and Kate P.

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