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Jan 05 2020

British Currency May Be Violation of “Ethical Veganism”

Vegans are so extreme in their intolerant militancy that they want Britain to change its money because the presence of animal fat in the currency offends them. The courts are crazy enough to listen to them.

Via the Telegraph:

An employment judge found that holding a sincere belief in “ethical veganism” should be given the same legal protection under the Equality Act as that given to Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Tallow is used in trace amounts to coat new banknotes, to improve the texture and make them harder to counterfeit. This means that the banknotes are not compliant with vegan ideology, and therefore may constitute discrimination.

The vegan opposition to the use of tallow, a hard fatty substance made from rendered animal fats, was given a potential legal boost after tribunal judge Robin Postle said he was “overwhelmingly satisfied” ethical veganism was “important” and “worthy” of respect in a democratic society.

It goes without saying that a normal human diet will be forbidden the moment these lunatics have the leverage.

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One Response to “British Currency May Be Violation of “Ethical Veganism””

  1. […] Vegans take issue with the fact that English currency contains trace amounts of tallow. English bills are coated with tallow during the manufacturing process. They have filed suit, claiming they are the victims of discrimination. […]

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