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Jun 09 2016

British Students Taught That Biological Differences Between Sexes Are Irrelevant

There is great news for British boys who want to get pregnant. Their parents’ tax money has paid militant degenerates to reveal that biological reality is irrelevant:

A new educational resource produced by LGBT activists and funded by the UK’s Department of Education will inform students that their biological sex is just a “label” and that the only thing that limits their gender expression “is their imagination.”

The Inspiring Equality In Education School Resource was “funded by the Government Equalities Office to help address the findings that schools often lack confidence and feel under-resourced to deal effectively with homophobic, biphobic or transphobic bullying.”

“Bullying” is Liberalese for “resistance.”

This sick lunacy is what they are using to disorient British public school students as young as 11:

Thankfully, no 11-year-olds are likely to have the slightest idea what terms like “nonbinary” and “gender-fluid” mean. All they will understand is that they are being told to embrace inherently repulsive freakishness.

We can only imagine what absurd lies kids are taught in biology class.

On tips from Steve A and Varla.

11 Responses to “British Students Taught That Biological Differences Between Sexes Are Irrelevant”

  1. Azsteve53 says:

    Gee, having a penis is now irrelevant, what is relevant I wonder?

  2. toheckwithyou says:

    In the jolly old UK there really is no difference. They are all pussies

  3. rex freeway says:

    When commercials go wrong …. Millennials Snowflake cups. The favorite confection of Liberals everywhere.
    This first commercial hit a snag when the student’s couldn’t play the part of a PC Libtard

  4. rex freeway says:

    Why this crap was ever allowed to get a foot hold is beyond me. It takes a special kind of brain damage to go along with this aberrant thought process. Where was I when common sense was thrown in the dumpster?

  5. Jester says:

    Um…. I have an idea. How about asking kids “what’s 3×3?” or “how do you spell investigatory?” or “which number is mercury on the periodic table?” or “who was Josef Stalin?” or….. or….. or…… forget about it.

  6. RKae says:

    How it got a foothold is not beyond me.

    The left organized while the right pretended nothing was going on. The left deliberately (with a sense of duty!) got jobs as teachers and school administrators in order to change things. Meanwhile, the right told their kids, “Don’t get jobs as teachers; there’s no money in it. Get a real job.”

  7. RKae says:

    Ask them about apostrophe use! Now, that’s a lost art!

  8. Doraahoward3 says:

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  9. Jack says:

    British men have always been a little light in the loafers preferring to have sex with men and women. No wonder this gender bender garbage comes from a nation that is being invaded while they go to the pub.

  10. Edwin J Willers says:

    Comments have been disabled at YT for that video – quelle surprise!

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