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Jul 02 2012

Brony Convention in New Jersey Draws Thousands

If a moonbatterized culture denigrates masculine virtues long enough, eventually it will degenerate into something like this:

Dale Fjordbotten is a proud “My Little Pony” fan, with the shiny blue body suit and yellow lightning bolt, blue wings and blue tail to prove it.

Like many “Bronies” — boys and men who like the cartoon “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” — the 25-year-old college student turned out over the weekend for “BronyCon Summer 2012” at the Meadowlands Exposition Center, which drew 4,000 men, women, boys and girls, many in colorful wigs and costumes.

My Little Pony is a kiddy show about pastel unicorns.

Outside the convention center, young men danced and sang along with songs from My Little Pony cartoon that blasted from loud speakers as a video screen on a large truck showed the show’s characters. One observer said it almost felt like a Grateful Dead concert.

Just don’t try dropping acid at a brony convention. The men in white coats will have to pry you out of the corner as you huddle in horror, gibbering, shrieking, and clawing at your eyes. It could take decades of Thorazine to bring you back. The nightmares would last a lifetime.

Animator Lauren Faust confirms that My Little Pony was not intended for people theoretically capable of shaving.

Faust told The Associated Press at BronyCon on Saturday that she never imagined the show would be such a hit with teenage boys and young men. She said her main target was little girls…

I wonder if the same was originally true of Hope & Change.

A Portland area brony.

On a tip from Sean.

43 Responses to “Brony Convention in New Jersey Draws Thousands”

  1. Judith M. says:

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Grown men emulating six-year old girls! What’S next, “Princess Parties”?

  2. modd kenwood says:

    their fathers must be so proud

  3. john s says:

    A convention for fags who want to suck magical horse dick? It’s gone beyond sick, bizarre, and pathetic.

  4. WhereIsOurPinochet says:

    “Bronies?” Hmm, how about “faggots.”

  5. john s says:

    I feel embarrassed even going to a retro gaming convention.

  6. Jack says:

    A convention of bronies…It’s like this big competition to see which grown man can be they gayest flame at the party. And the winner is…every one of them!

  7. Kilroy64 says:

    Looks like the Democratic National Convention to me, or better yet the US military if libs had their way.

  8. Son of Taz says:

    Our local Fox channel reported this today, and the talking heads had a discussion about it. The female talkers were very uncomfortable with the idea of young males playing with things meant for little girls. The male talker had all he could do to restrain himself from calling them faggots.

    They did mention the convention is an annual event and last year had about 100 participants, while this year’s had about 1,000.

    God save us.

  9. fxdwg69 says:

    That is, by far, the gayest shit I ever saw.

  10. Canis lupus says:

    I feeling old and out of touch now.

  11. Acid making a comeback I see

  12. Henry says:

    “Almost like a Grateful Dead concert”…?!?!?

    Said by someone who obviously never attended a Grateful Dead concert. Even the bourgeoisie hippie emulations and trustafarians would call them fags!

  13. AC says:

    I guess the mindless hipster morons from FSTDT will be absent for a few days. It’s hard to be an angry hipster dwelling in mom’s basement and prance around like an infantile nogoodnik all at the same time.

  14. Mickey Shea says:

    End result of liberalism, feminism, the homosexual agenda, and moonbattery in general.

  15. Anna Puma says:


    This makes all the boys who like Sailor Moon seem virile. Boys who dressed as Tuxedo Mask would be surrounded by Sailor Scouts in mini-skirts at conventions though.

  16. Jeff says:

    WTF! We are turning into/already are a nation of wimps. I don’t get it.

  17. RKae says:

    Senetor: “We’re thinking of cutting funding for your mind control program.”

    CIA Guy: “But it’s coming along brilliantly!”

    Senetor: “We need some proof.”

    CIA Guy: “Well… um… OK! How ’bout this? We’ll get some grown men to become devoted fans of ‘My Little Pony!’ Will that show you how damned effective our new system is?”

    Senetor: “My God! If you can do that, then we’ll shovel heaps of money at you! …And can you do something about Justice Roberts, too?”

  18. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Behold the results of a nanny state on steroids with a metrosexual moonbat at the helm

  19. Jay B. says:

    My youngest daughter loves the show… but after seeing this, I’d never let her go to a convention like that! Just imagine the face of the organisers, some having prepared makeup booths and pony coloring desks, swarmed by young men who sing the theme songs to the top of their lungs. Their parents must be so proud.

  20. lao's mangina says:


  21. CGW409 says:

    First off full disclosure here,I’m a 50 year old guy who is a self admitted geek and have been fully involved in sci-fi fandom for the last 30 or so years and anime (Japanese animation) fandom as well for the last 20 or so.
    That includes attending conventions,costuming,the whole 9 yards.
    I’m married to a wonderful woman that I met at an anime club meeting and we’ve just celebrated our 14th anniversary back in May,we’ve costumed Star Trek,Star Wars,Stargate SG1,Classic V and most recently Mr. and Mrs. The Stig (Top Gear),outside of our hobby(and that is what it is,no different than sports fans traveling across the country to follow their team or painting their bodies in team colors) we live normal lives,vote conservative,are home owners and otherwise live responsible lives.
    In regards to the whole “it’s a cartoon and cartoons are for kids” chestnut that gets hauled out there is something to understand in this context Japan never had the “Seduction Of The Innocent” comic books lead to the downfall of civilization bruhaha that we had here in the 50’s and so animation in Japan runs the gamit of stuff for kids right on up to mature themes (and yes even pron) someone had mentioned Sailor Moon, I had thought it was overhyped schlock until I actually saw some episodes,sadly the “legit” stuff that made air here in the States was way dumbed down for US markets but the bootleg fan subbed showed deep story lines and characters that you actually give a damn about as well as something shared with other anime titles that being main characters can die.
    Overall these conventions are safe,family friendly events and would at this point accuse you of way,way over sterotyping fandom in general but even I as my geek bonifides above prove have to ask WTF is it about these ponies and bronies.

  22. Spartan24 says:

    I think this goes a little beyond trekkies and other fans gathering and discussing shows that are aimed at adults. Even costuming, which is really little different than historical reenactments in some ways. This fad is pretty bizarre since the show was never intended for adult males. To me the brony fad either smacks of homosexuality or pedophilia.

  23. SpideyTerry says:

    What follows are the words of someone who does not watch said program. I thought I’d get that outta the way now.

    So, I’m confused. The Bronies are gay losers with no lives for watching a show they enjoy and going to a convention? So what does that make the people making fun of them on an Internet message board (on a site that trends more toward politics than entertainment, no less)? I know the answer, and I think you’ll know the answer if you think real hard about it.

    Couple that with the fact that hanging around the Internet has, um, never been considered the most manly pursuit – to say nothing of owning a website that costs money to maintain. In fact, watching a cartoon about girly unicorns probably ranks as more manly than that. Heck, by going to a public convention, they’re not hiding behind their keyboards, are they? They are more manly than you guys. And don’t get me started on the irony of someone on the Internet calling someone else a loser. The irony fairy would have a coronary if that subject was broached. Spare me the whole “I’m embarrassed by my nerdy pursuit, but it was better than this” crap. You’re just allieviate your own insecurities about the nerdy junk you enjoy. That’s another thing that makes the Bronies manly then you guys. They don’t try to justify what they enjoy for anybody – they just enjoy it.

    Now, like I said, I don’t watch this show. I don’t care about it. It’s not on my radar. I have other shows I’d rather watch and better things to do in general. One of the latter involves mocking people who have apparently have so little going on in their lives that they have nothing better to do than anonymously hassle a bunch of others over something as so utterly meaningless as what TV show they watch.

  24. jazbo says:

    “smacks of homosexuality or pedophilia”

    – In many cases one and ther same.

  25. son of a preacher man says:

    “…One of the latter involves mocking people who have apparently have so little going on in their lives that they have nothing better to do than anonymously hassle a bunch of others over something as so utterly meaningless as what TV show they watch.”

    What was that about an irony fairy?

  26. CGW409 says:

    I’ve got no insecurities over my geekdoms but even in fandom there are subsects that either help to paint all fandom in a negative light,example some of the furry fans that when confronted that your interests are considered weird instead of taking a “meh,your opinion dude” attitude go off screaming about “fursicution” and those ones are looked down on by fellow fur fans.
    In Trek fandom you have the Trekkers(vast majority) vs the Trekkies (intended targets of the SNL William Shatner “Get a life” speech, I’ve personally been told by a late teens early 20’s Trekkie back in the very late 80’s that I wasn’t a real fan because I didn’t know some totally obscure bit of trivia,being able to pull the “watched the original run on N flippin B flippin C” card tends to shut them down.
    And even in anime you’ve got the Naruto fan subsect that thinks anime fandom begins and ends with Naruto and don’t dare suggest they might want explore some of the older titles that came before the mid 2000’s when the small fan started companies got pushed out by the big corporate and started bringing over only “safe” titles.
    I’ve never seen MLPFIM and am only tangently aware of it but I only asked WTF is with some of these bronies as I’ve been on fora not related to pop culture fandom at all that they seem to insist on starting threads and burning bandwidth with MLP related postings.
    I’d swear they’re the bronie analog of Ronluans.

  27. Hybrid Lemon says:

    Like many out there, I’m praying for the asteroid to end this madness.

    This is sickening. 😮

  28. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Henry at July 2, 2012 at 7:31 am:

    As Henry points out, “Even the bourgeoisie hippie emulations and trustafarians would call them fags!”

    Backatcha, Henry – the Ever Charming And Effervescent Miss Ann Hart Coulter is actually a hard-core Greatful Dead fan…..

    The Dead and their fans are not always the hippie-dippy freakazoids that many people think. First real concert I ever went to (at The Spectrum in Filthadelphia) was The Dead.

    As for this My Little Pony nonsense, well, that there is some f#cked-up s#it…..

  29. Vic Kelley says:

    I wonder if CNN’s Anderson Cooper was there.

  30. octa bright says:

    Pertaining to the Bronies I deplore their taste since there ar muth better shows out there in artestry, technical quality, and plot lines. In Angel Cop the named character survives and that is it. good guys, bad guys, ambivilant characters, and a good chunk of down town tokyo all are killed/destroyed.
    In the first season of Sailor Moon ALL the villians Tux Kaman, and ALL the sailors except Sailor Moon die.
    Anime is NOT exclusively for children. Even excluding Hentai (porn) you do not get the preachy PC that you find in current American cartoons. It is also to be noted that the Japanese humor can get rather earthy, although the language does not get close to South Park.
    I am a retired state civil servant who also saw the original Star Treck on NBC, I am going back to college, and have been playing military simulations for 50 years and I am the care giver for my semi-invalid widowed mother. I do have real interests.

  31. 762x51 says:

    Next year they are having an all night film festival, cuddle camp and sleep over. Featured films include, Robin hood – Men in Tights, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Zorro – The Gay Blade and the new Matthew McConaughey film, Magic Mike.

    Body glitter and lip gloss included with paid admission.

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  33. Spartan24 says:

    There is a big difference between animated shows or graphic novels made for ADULTS and adults going nuts over a show that was made for CHILDREN.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Us women need to start marrying and having children with real men. These brony losers are the offspring of some effeminate, sensitive, “yes dear” men. Without a real man paternal influence, your sons are left to the “culture” to learn manliness, and it is not good.

    Marry wise, everyone. It’s the most important decision you’ll make in your life.

  35. Momster says:

    Elizabeth–do not worry about women marrying the bronie-types. THEY DO NOT MARRY WOMEN! (If any do, it is only for the purpose of having a “beard”.) Come on, Beth…allow your brain to fire on all cylinders. Can’t you just see him trotting down the aisle with glitter on his unicorn horn, swishing pink tail braided, and bows in his forelock? Are there any women who would marry that–unfortunately, yes. But then there are women who would marry a man in jail for murdering 3 wives. Go figure.

  36. […] Brony Convention in New Jersey Draws Thousands […]

  37. 88Miker says:

    Well. This is awkward…I’m gonna get down to brass tacks and just admit I enjoy watching the show, despite being a 21 year old male. Yes it’s target audience is for girls. But it was also made for adults to watch with their kids. All I gotta say is:Watch the show, avoid the fanbase.

  38. ketsuko says:

    I most definitely don’t get bronies, and I say that as a fully functional nerd and nerd-wife who’s main obsession happens to be superheros, same with my husband. I also love horses. But c’mon … this is just too kidsy for me and it should be for them. Grow up and be even a bit ashamed.

  39. Amalia says:

    I guess that spidey douchebag is a disgruntled brony fag. Look, spidey, what does it say about you when you come here and complain about us exercising our right to free speech? I mean, please – you must be just as much of a massive loser you think we are if you even have a computer and an Internet connection. Not very manly according to your ridiculous standards, is it?

  40. joe says:

    People like you, that bash innocent fandoms with your pent-up butthurt and hate speeches are some of the only people who I wish would develop non-treatable brain cancer and eventually die. You best become more accepting when it comes to peoples interests, because its people like you that people like me hate. And would have absolutely no problem in doing away with.

    Also, I would re-think your opinion on calling us gay. Most bronies are some of the most intelligent and manly people that I know. F*ck love and tolerance. And f*ck you too.

  41. Wilberforce says:

    Heh, “joe” thinks we hate then invites death on us.

    Nice language joe-ny!

  42. grayjohn says:

    Jesus wept…

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