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Sep 28 2018

Brooklyn Maniac Assaults People for Being White

The poison pumped into the national psyche by progressives affects not only middle school students. This story indicates the effect it has on the streets of Brooklyn.

Kevin Raphael, a 39-year-old person of politically preferred pigmentation, “spewed obscenities and racial slurs” as he attacked three victims in broad daylight for no evident reason but their white skin. He slugged two in the face on buses and menaced the third as he walked with his pregnant wife.

“I kill white people like you,” Raphael announced. “I will kill every white (expletive) around here.”

This was accompanied by gestures suggesting that he had a gun.

Raphael was arrested for similar behavior last year and the year before. My crystal ball says he will be arrested next year too.

This is what happens when the ideology contrived in academia filters down through the media to the morons out there loping along the street.

On a tip from Sean C.

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