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Jul 31 2018

Bureaucrats Deprive Disabled 91-Year-Old Lady of Wheelchair Ramp

The reason we need a gigantic, all-pervasive government — even if it sucks up so much of our wealth as to dramatically reduce the standard of living we might otherwise have — is that bureaucrats have to be in a position to keep us safe from ourselves. For example, who else is going to protect an elderly lady from having an illicit wheelchair ramp? From deep blue Maryland:

Prince George’s County filed a legal case against a Laurel couple in their 90s over a wheelchair ramp in their own home. To avoid legal trouble, the elderly couple’s son tore down the ramp, trapping the woman in her own home.

Evelyn Strahle has to be carried in her wheelchair up and down the stairs. Her 94-year-old husband probably shouldn’t be doing a lot of lifting.

A pile of lumber is all that remains of the wheelchair ramp that gave Evelyn freedom to leave her Laurel home.

The precious ramp was destroyed under threat of “fines or imprisonment.”

“It clips my wings. I can’t do anything,” said Evelyn.

Clipping wings is what Big Government does best. You can never calculate the true cost of government, because it is impossible to know all the places you might have flown to if you had had full use of your wings. Far greater even than taxation is what we pay in opportunity cost.

Evelyn’s son who works in construction built the ramp, which otherwise would have cost a fortune. Apparently, the only thing wrong with the ramp is that he didn’t ask permission from the bureauweenies before building it.

Let’s hope there are no fires at the Strahle house, considering that Evelyn is imprisoned there.

On a tip from Jack Bauer.

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