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Dec 08 2013

Busted for Displaying US Flag on Pearl Harbor Day

Yesterday the police of Campbell, Wisconsin celebrated Pearl Harbor day by cracking down on overpass patriots displaying the US flag. Seeing is believing:

Maybe they were supposed to be waving pictures of Nelson Mandela.

On a tip from David M.

17 Responses to “Busted for Displaying US Flag on Pearl Harbor Day”

  1. gordo says:

    Submit! It’s the People’s Republic of Wisconsin. comrade.

  2. wingmann says:

    Gotta love those Patriots!!

    Enjoy these too…know your rights !

  3. Katya Kakhov says:

    Thank you citizen guard !

  4. IslandLifer says:

    Police are the single greatest threat.

  5. IslandLifer says:

    It starts right here, with maggots. Clean up your towns and drag these clowns through the street naked.

  6. justme says:

    Protecting and Serving Themselves and their Lifetime Pensions – and beating, robbing and killing anyone that get in their way.

    The SS is looking better by the day. Civvies are to be subjected to whatever laws the heroic police feel like enforcing and fulfilling their quotas to. Usually, anything that will raise revenue, and not resist violently – this is why US Citizens who care about their homes and nation are the perfect target for these heroics.

    I see why now so many are elated when a cop is killed or maimed.

  7. DJ says:

    Police In Thailand Lay Down Vests and Barricades In Solidarity With Protestors

    In a stunning turn of events today in Thailand, riot police yielded to the peaceful protesters they were ordered to harass and block. They police removed barricades and their helmets as a sign of solidarity.


    Watch the video below, and let us know what you think: could something like this even happen in the West? In the United States?

  8. Mannie says:

    Hey, coppers, how does it feel to betray your country?

  9. KHarn says:

    American citizens have the RIGHT to peacefully assemble.

    I love how they LAUGHED at the GOONS.

  10. copper says:

    I retired after 36 years of law enforcement and I must admit that it is cops like these who are a danger to the continued freedom of citizens in this Country. Pathetic. It’s called protect and serve and in this capacity they are doing neither. They are a discredit to the badge they wear.

  11. master of sinanju says:

    Man those so called “officers” sure are some stupid s.o.b.s!

  12. 762x51 says:

    The good news for the people of Campbell, WI. is that all other crime has been solved. There are no murders, rapes, robberies or vandalism happening there.

    So much for the 1st Amendment, time for the 2nd Amendment.

    The cop was NOT doing his job unless his oath of office was to the people in charge not the Constitution. Laws that violate the Constitution are null and void.

  13. ejazzyjeff says:

    Much as I think how silly it is, but if you watch the video they are not being ticketed for waving the flag. They are getting tickets because it’s against the law to do that on a bypass.

  14. SafeTea says:

    Thank you, Oath Keepers! God Bless you for standing against tyranny and and standing up for our precious Constitution! You have the support of all REAL Americans.

  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    Take those buricrats and send them to the gobi desert without water

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