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Feb 11 2020

Buttigieg and Infanticide

Just how radical is supposed “moderate” Democrat Pete Buttigieg? It’s hard to tell from his record, because he doesn’t have one — unless you count having been Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. But his extremism does not stop with wanting to erase Thomas Jefferson and decriminalize heroin. On the topic of infanticide, Mayor Pete could be out there in Ralph Northam territory.

Via the Daily Wire:

[ABC’s Meghan] McCain asked, “But what if a woman wanted to, I don’t know, invoke infanticide after a baby was born, you’d be comfortable with that?”

“Does anybody seriously think that’s what these cases were about?” Buttigieg lashed out.

I take that to mean yes, he would be comfortable. Confirmation was not long in coming:

“There are people pushing for that, yes,” McCain noted.

Buttigieg responded by refusing [to] disavow infanticide.

Slopes are slippery when you are dealing with progressives. In the end, either you are for killing babies or you aren’t. Peter the Pomeranian Prince gives it the thumbs up:

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