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Dec 30 2019

Buttigieg Wants to Decriminalize Hard Drugs

The radicalized Democrat Party has gone so far off the rails that Pete Buttigieg — a mediocre mayor running primarily on a platform of being “married” to another guy — is presented as a moderate. What kind of moderate calls for decriminalizing methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, et cetera in the midst of a drug epidemic that ranks among the country’s most serious problems?

Via PJ Media:

“Incarceration should not even be a response to drug possession,” Buttigieg told editors at the Des Moines Register.

An editor pressed him, “Is that across the board? So if it’s meth or coke or ecstasy, any drugs, if it’s possession, incarceration isn’t…”

“That’s right,” Mayor Pete said.

Meanwhile, the streets of Left Coast cities have been rendered unwalkable by a zombie apocalypse. No matter how much money liberal bureaucrats throw at it, the homelessness problem is out of control. It is driven in part by foolish policies that encourage public “camping” and in part by a refusal to deal with mental health issues, but also largely by use of the drugs Buttwhatever wants decriminalized.

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One Response to “Buttigieg Wants to Decriminalize Hard Drugs”

  1. […] on Pete Buttigieg calling for the decriminalization of crime. Buttigieg has already called for the decriminalization of hard drugs, which would lead to consequences that the streets of Left Coast cities have already made obvious. […]

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