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Nov 18 2019

Buttigieg’s Fake List of Black Supporters

The problem with running for president on a platform of being ostentatiously homosexual, having no other qualifications, is that no one but Democrats will vote for you; no Democrat wins without the black vote, and blacks won’t vote for you either. That means the nauseating Pete Buttigieg phenomenon will be mercifully short-lived.

From The Intercept:

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor polls close to zero nationally with African Americans, faring no better with that vote in South Carolina, a liability that he knows will thwart his nomination if he can’t turn it around.

No worries; if Mayor Pete has no black support (despite pandering despicably by denouncing his own police force and promising “reparation” payments to persons of politically preferred pigmentation), he can just fabricate it.

Buttwhatever has come up with a “Douglass Plan” to provide blacks with still more favoritism in exchange for voting for him. A large percentage of Democrats are black in South Carolina. So in hopes of avoiding a blowout in that state’s early primary, the Mayor Pete campaign compiled a list of 400 supposedly black South Carolinians who support the plan.

However, not all the names on the list support Buttwhatever or his pandering plan — and a high percentage of them are not black:

62 percent of the 297 names that can be reliably checked are white. …

Meanwhile, of those 297, seven are repeated; one of them appears three times. According to a review of public record databases and social media sites, multiple names on the list appear to be from people who do not live in South Carolina. One person seems to not live in the United States at all but in São Paulo, Brazil.

Two others may be badly misspelled at best, as they don’t appear anywhere online or in voter databases. The rest, which add up to 125, can’t be found in the voter file.

In short, Buttigieg’s list of black supporters is as big a sham as the “marriage” to a fellow male sexual deviant that he hopes to ride into the White House.

Speaking of shams, check out the stock photo of black people used to promote the Douglass Plan — it’s from Kenya:

Just call him Mayor Facepalm.

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