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Sep 10 2011

Bye Logan

It’s time to say good-bye to Logan Vaughn, aka “TheDarkEricDraven” and “ThatDorkEricDraven,” the creepy polysexual troll who has lodged himself in the comments here like a tapeworm. adheres to a hands-off comments policy whenever possible, but is under no obligation to provide a free soapbox to moonbats. Logan has abused our hospitality with his combination of foul language and relentless threadjacking.

The last straw was his recent comment extolling the humorousness of vile sexual attacks on Sarah Palin. If he gets past the IP ban, his comments will be deleted like his fellow troll Günther’s.


118 Responses to “Bye Logan”

  1. Todd says:

    From his good looks, he maybe related to pigface Henry Waxman…

  2. RosalindJ says:

    Oh no! Buh-reak my heart.

    Really, Logan. You mistook a privately owned (concepts abhorrent to you, I’m sure) for your own public vile-box. Off you go.

    Thank you, Van.

  3. Danila says:


  4. Zim says:

    Good idea.

  5. Jay B. says:

    Funny, he’s exactly how I imagined him. Smug, with little to no hygiene.

  6. KHarn says:

    “Danila says:September 10, 2011 at 2:58 pm”

    So much stupid packed into just 29 words.

    Is that the REGRESSIVE idea of “debate” and “reason”? That was a retorical question, the answer is obvious.

  7. gorgo says:

    There should be one basic ground rule for all libs/mobies/socks on right-leaning boards. As long as they’re at least trying to make cogent arguments and are listening and responding to the competition with some degree of thoughtfulness, and then drop an issue when it’s dead, they’re tolerable. But the SECOND they insult someone, jack a thread or use foul language, GONE. Just my opinion.

    Danila (whatever it’s real name is) is next.

  8. Lgbpop says:

    DorkEric is gone. Long live Danila.

    Not really.

  9. gorgo says:

    BTW, not being very tech-savvy, isn’t there some method of reporting persistent fools to their ISP? Or is that a myth?

  10. Jodie says:

    Dave Blount,

    You are not only an extremely gifted and very humorous writer, you are a man of integrity. Great decision for the good of the rest of us, who love your site and want to contribute by defending our country and our world from the evilness spewing from the left.

  11. Lgbpop says:

    Add Blair to the list. Off-topic is dumb and bestiality is dumber.

  12. OEFvet says:

    Looks like Blair gets blocked next! LOL beastiality always turns on the libtards. Perhaps that’s why they support Islam. Another bestiality loving group of sickos!

  13. gorgo says:

    The most pathetic thing is, Logan is reading this thread right now and, being incapable of learning from past mistakes, considers the ban some kind of victory. Sad little man. Sad, fat, retarded little man.

  14. Screwy Puppy says:

    On topic trolling is one thing, but off topic trolling … ?

    Do they think we read the post?

  15. Wilberforce says:

    Wow…it’s all they have left. (look up a few.)

  16. gorgo says:

    “Wow…it’s all they have left. (look up a few.)”

    And even THAT they have to steal from who knows where.

  17. Wilberforce says:

    True, Gorgo, true.

    And we wonder how Obama got elected. Sigh…

  18. Jay B. says:

    Danila says:
    Hey, you leftist piece of shit. Why don’t you go try a coherent, articulate conservative argument on a liberal blog or website and see how many death threats, insults to your family, name calling you will get within the first hour? At least Eric was given several chances and when people replied to him, they would make actual complete sentences. Go chew on your talking points and go back with the sheep.

  19. gorgo says:

    “At least Eric was given several chances”


    I hope Dave won’t make us extend Danila the same courtesy.

  20. RosalindJ says:

    OEFvet, I think you described Blair to a T.

  21. Blair says:


  22. Sam Adams says:

    Extended posting from mom’s basement will do that to a guy.

  23. Fiberal says:

    Thanks Dave; good call.

  24. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Buh-bye child molesting freakazoid. He’s just as hideous as we all imagined.

  25. Logic Mine says:

    I find it mysteriously not surprising that theDarkEricDraven actually LOOKS like a TROLL.

    He reminds me of a time when I was in school and all of the kids would pick on him because he said controversial crap just to be controversial. I think most of the other kids took it as him flipping the other kids off with no justification. So, he would find himself being the brunt of the other’s anger.

    The lesson? Lesson is, if you’re just being controversial just for the sake of being “different”, people tend to think that you are attacking THEM for some reason on a Baseless foundation; which, nobody likes being attacked for no reason. Ergo, the ass-kickings.

    If you want to be controversial, be so because you believe in it and have a logical foundation to justify your controversial opinions. If you’re like the “DarkEricDraven” and just spout controversial crap with no bases of reason then you get what you deserve.

    See ya later TheDarkEricDraven!…aka ..PIG FUCKER.

  26. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    This is all commies have, bestiality porn, prurience, corruption, lies, contamination and ruin.

  27. Will says:

    That guy looks like he was born with a dick in his mouth.

  28. gorgo says:

    “This is all commies have, bestiality porn, prurience, corruption, lies, contamination and ruin.”

    And sodomy. They love sodomy.

  29. Joe says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA buh-bye freak.

  30. Wilberforce says:

    Ahhh, the smell of fear and desperation! 🙂

  31. RosalindJ says:

    Really thinking he needs to find something else to do. Whatever it is he’s doing’s being done poorly.

  32. President Potemkin says:

    loogie needs to put down the fork. no wonder you’re pan-sexual. ya takes what ya can gets!

    its picture is a form of birth control! yikes!!!

  33. Sgt Stadenko says:

    Malignant narcissist Logan’s attempt to become “an Internet legend” seems to have hit a bit of a snag, although he will doubtless wear his ban as a badge of honor…

  34. Jodie says:

    I had suspected that Gunther aka Blair aka Daniel was actually Logan aka Eric’s boyfriend aka girlfriend. It seems pretty pretty plausible now based on Blair’s reaction to Logan’s banning.

    Blair is probably consoling Logan as we speak by putting his you-know-what into Logan’s you-know-what. Gross!

  35. Festivus says:

    I never understood why the good folks here encouraged that little attention-seeking twat.

    Thanks Dave. You did the right thing. He contributed absolutely nothing to the blog but juvenile narcissistic babble.

  36. TexasDoc says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    All the lunatic lefty websites he frequents are probably moaning about how “unfair”, “undemocratic” and “intolerant” this site is for banning the pathetic deviant.

  37. Tim says:

    hahahaha guess he’ll have to go elsewhere to spout his death threats to posters. Poor Logan You Shalln’t be missed

  38. NMS says:

    This kid looks like a pervert.

  39. TWS says:

    Good riddance. Nasty pedo.

  40. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    I nailed this turd with my psychoanalysis. HAHAHAHA!

    Good job, Dave B.!

  41. James McEnanly says:

    He looks like he’s trying to turn himself into Michael Moore. Why he would want to do that is beyond me.

  42. Rogertheshrubber says:

    C’mon now, That is NOT Logan Vaughn!

    The REAL Logan Vaughn would not be caught dead without the usual 4 penises stuck in his face.

    One black, one white, one asian, one hispanic.

    It’s a regular rainbow coalition in his mouth!!!!


  43. Son of Taz says:

    Once a troll is always the first to post on a new article, then it’s time to dump them. The little turd was a chronic “reloader” meaning he set his browser to reload the main page of MB so he could see the newest post and spill his drivel on it.

    Hasta la vista, baby

  44. rockman says:

    Adios comatose…

  45. BigJoe says:

    No surprise here. Libs are vile and foul. They wouldn’t be libstards if they weren’t slimey gutter snipes.

    Question: What’s the biggest problem moonbats have with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann? They could never get chicks that hot in school!

  46. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I believe you made the right call.
    At some point conversation was lost with Eric (what he preferred to be called) and instead degenerated into this race for center stage in each post. Even a real live pervert makes some attempt to cover it.
    At some point by allowing it to continue, one is simply facilitating this obsession for attention.
    And every time I held a mirror up to him, he responded with nothing more than an electronic loogie.
    Eric, that is why I finally gave up and started referring to you as DarkSoiledDiaperDraven.
    Ask yourself why you now feel so isolated. Where are all those new “friends” on the left ? They now WANT you feeling cut off and alone. It advances their agenda even FURTHER.
    Now shut off the cartoon smut, and get back into school.

  47. Toa says:

    I thought “ThatDorkEricDraven” was one of us lampooning Logan’s posts….

  48. rockman says:

    Dark Eric is incontinent of ignorance and vile impulses. Good riddance.

  49. AC says:

    His stupidity will come back to haunt him if he ever tries to join productive society. His vile moonbattery is on record for all the world to see.

  50. Joek Loth says:

    Jodie says:
    September 10, 2011 at 4:53 pm: Blair is probably consoling Logan as we speak by putting his you-know-what into Logan’s you-know-what. Gross!

    JODIE, that is freakin highlarious!!! That just goes to show that you don’t have to have a potty mouth to make a VERRY FUNNY statement!!! (unlike me, sorry, its part of my expression of verbal punctuation. Like I use fuck as a comma and shit for a period. But I try not to cause I know it hurts peoples feelings or something like that!!! And her comment is funny cause it is gross!!
    But to be honest Ms. Jodie, I thought you were a clean, pure drive God Lovin woman??!!! Thinking of gross stuff like that!!! J/Kiddin=(;>))+

    Good riddence Logan.the.dark.dick.droop.drips.dregs (its now a hiku!!). I’ll never understand why someone would want to go on a site that goes against their own thought pattern just to be abused?. Jay B. says:
    Why don’t you go try a coherent, articulate conservative argument on a liberal blog or website and see how many death threats, insults to your family, name calling you will get within the first hour? Logan might be in trouble when he goes back to his
    MERV the PERV LIEBERAL WEBSITES cause didnt he tell us over and over that he was NOT A LIEBERAL?!!!
    He looks like his father screwed a bowling ball (with his penis) and ol Log(as in a turd)an was spit out ten pins later!!!
    Ahh forget it, I’m reachin for funnys now!!

  51. Jodie says:

    Joek Loth,

    I’m so glad you liked my joke! I was afraid it might be a little too “out there” for me. But, I just couldn’t resist, because Logan’s comments were often cruel and mean and he deserves to hear what we think of him.

    Yes, I’m a God lovin’ woman; but maybe not so pure. 😆

  52. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    Can we still talk about him or is he a non-person? I keed, I keed. If this ever happens to me, can you use a picture of women’s underwear with a melted chocolate bar in them?

  53. wingmann says:

    Buh Bye Dork Organ.

    p.s. halloween isn’t until oct 31st….why the pig mask dudette?

  54. John Difool says:

    I wasn’t aware that Rosie O’Donnell and Janeane Garafalo had a child together.

  55. wingmann says:

    The only people he loathes more than himherself are himherhis parents…

    John Difool says:
    September 10, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    Now that was funny!

  56. Suzanne says:

    Poor Logan, we knew ye well.

  57. John Difool says:

    Hey, you know who takes a pic of themselves at that angle?

    A person with more chins than one, that’s who.

  58. Todd says:


  59. wingmann says:

    And here is the Dark Organ being outed by Kramer:


    Is this what DR CLAW head of MAD looks like? WHERES MAD CAT is faithfull pet?

  61. ZEP says:

    It’s almost as bad as the “hey look at mes” that continually copy/paste links to irrelevant stories on this site for hopes to get a hat tip or a contribution shout out.

  62. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    Wow, that picture looks like it was pulled from a sex offender registry. Wait…. maybe it is? In any case, when young Logan inevitably ends up as a registered sex offender, he should fit right in with all the others.

  63. Jimbo says:

    He looks exactly like the smelly turd I imagined – I’m glad the turd is flushed.

    Liberals are such worthless smelly ugly freaks. If it wasn’t for conservative tax money – they would all die of starvation (talk about biting the hands that feed them) – they’re too stupid to make a real living.

    Screw liberals. Flush ALL the smelly turds in 2012.

  64. Jimbo says:

    Oh – and my fist would have fit in that little fat pussy’s face very nicely.

  65. GoY says:

    I don’t bear him any ill will. I hope he finds something better to do than troll this site because it seems like a waste of the teenage years. Logan/Eric, if you’re reading this, go to some football games, hang out in the parking lot with the car freaks and their skank girlfriends, pig out some some horrible food and watch some bad horror movies with your friends. Try and do some normal sh-t and enjoy your youth while you’ve got it.

  66. Jimbo says:

    Goy – a little communist grows into a big communist – just like a baby cockroach grows up and lays 100,000 eggs.

    Screw the fat little bastard. Tailgating or drinking beer won’t cure his mental illness – but a swift kick to the face could.

    His only hope is Jesus Christ. What do you think the odds are of the Spirit living in such a vile body? The pig needs a miracle; that’s what it will take. But for the record – I believe in miracles.

  67. Rock says:

    Well done, and good riddance, such a tasteless little annoyance.

  68. Anti socialist says:

    “NMS says:
    This kid looks like a pervert.”

    Looks, he IS by his own admission.

  69. Marci says:

    Wow. Something isn’t right here.

  70. gorgo says:

    Fred C. Dobbs says:
    September 10, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    “Wow, that picture looks like it was pulled from a sex offender registry. Wait…. maybe it is?”

    Just wait. Given everything he proudly confessed about his perversions and his obvious lack of restraint, it’s a matter of time. He will offend.

  71. Ummah Gummah says:

    Jay B. says:
    September 10, 2011 at 3:02 pm
    Funny, he’s exactly how I imagined him. Smug, with little to no hygiene.

    Hahaha!! LOL same here.


  72. TED says:

    Bon Voyage Bimbo! Taking out the (hippy) TRASH.

  73. TED says:

    The “dark” part referred to his mothers basement…

  74. Ummah Gummah says:


    “Dank” also comes to mind, Ted.


  75. ThatDorkEricDraven says:


    Back to the unemployment line.

  76. Ummah Gummah says:


    In closing I’d simply like to say GOOD RIDDANCE


  77. John Difool says:

    I take it the “dark eric draven” refers to the character from the graphic novel and movie ” The Crow”.

    I don’t think being an obese pasty emo-hipster libtard douchenozzle with little to no muscle tone or hygiene quite convincingly pulls off the character like Brandon Lee did, but that’s just my opinion.

    Maybe Logan is from part 5 or 6, set in the future where eric draven now lives in moms basement surviving on Spagetti O’s and Pabst Blue Ribbon playing epic marathon sessions of World of Warcraft against his arch nemesis Will Folks.

  78. Todd says:

    Why does Gunther’s breath smell like Logans dick?

  79. John Difool says:

    Logan has jowls on him Michael Moore or a great white shark would be jealous of.

    Those are the type of mandibles that can tear a Twinkie or a Little Debbie Snack cake to shreds within about .002 seconds and can only be captured with the help of a high speed camera.

  80. President Potemkin says:

    Thanks John, I needed a good laugh today. What a perfect description of the pathetic troll.

  81. chuck in st paul says:

    It became obvious to me some long time back that The Dark Diaper Stain Eric was merely an attention whore. He fatuously (pardon the pun) kept throwing stupid statements into the thread while sitting back gleefully rubbing his hands together like some cartoon Machiavelli triumphing over the ‘stupid wingers’.

    He will not be missed… except maybe by Goonturd.

  82. Travis A. says:

    Hah, looks like another college kid with to much time on their hands

  83. Uneducated Moonbat says:


  84. notPropertyOfTheState says:

    Er, wow,,, so many trash talkin’ posts about someone else that was trash talkin’. Guess youse all showed he/she/it….

  85. John Difool says:

    @ notpropertyofthestate

    Stay mad bro

  86. Canis lupus says:

    I didnt read his posts. Read a few of them but then stopped. When I saw his name I skipped over it and read the entry directly below.
    It was obvious that his intention was to harrass and annoy people, not to have a intelligent debate.

  87. Gail Chicks says:

    Hahahahaha…Good bye you mouth breathing, knuckle dragging troglodyte Beta male.

  88. SgtZim says:

    Thank you Dave! Some people can’t be reasoned with, you have to take off and nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  89. TonyD95B says:

    Later, DorkEric/Logan…….don’t let the door hit ya where the dog shoulda bit ya, biyatch!!!

  90. Patriot says:

    What city does the immature little pr*ck live in? Just curious.

  91. TonyD95B says:

    RE: SgtZim at September 11, 2011 at 10:33 am:

    Back at ya:

    “But you’re just a GRUNT, no offense”

    “None taken”

  92. Carmen says:

    What a chubby ugly troll too. ICK!! All self professed “regressives/progressives” are ugly and angry all the time; maybe b/c they are ugly inside and out?

    I love the ban – we need new trolls anyway, w/better insights to their sick minds so we can pick them apart & analyze their weak & shallow opinions.

  93. lazlo says:

    smug smirk; check
    chin beard; check
    bills paid for by someone else; check

    Typical prog

  94. Adam says:

    I had at least slightly more patience for him than most of you did. I suppose part of it was that I figured we had somewhat similar tastes in pop culture (i.e. I too am a comic fan and a fan of ‘The Crow’), and the fact that I had rather naively believed that he was an ignorant yet well- intentioned kid who could be reformed somewhat.
    Problem is, of course, you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.
    Whenever possible, I tried reasoning with him rather than simply insulting him, even though that clearly did no good.
    I started really losing patience with him a few days before he was banned. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it one more time: Logan is the sort of repulsive uber- fanboy that gives not just comic book fans, and not just fans of ‘The Crow,’ but fans of pop- culture in general, a bad name. This is especially due to his quite blatant admission that he gets off on little girls under twelve, and he even claimed once that the fact that we AREN’T sexually attracted to animated child porn the way he is somehow “Disturbed” him. As it says in the Bible, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.”
    I think LogicMine’s assessment of him is accurate, that he’s the sort of punk loser who says controversial things purely for the sake of being different. While I can admire those who stick by their convictions in spite of it being against the norm, those who deliberately say controversial stuff simply because they think it’s the cool thing to do are beyond pathetic. I’d say the best indication of this being the case with Logan was when he tried to talk about his supposed religious beliefs. He not only did the usual liberal trait of bashing Christianity while claiming to not be doing so, he deliberately tried to make his supposed beliefs seem as bizarre and obscure as possible, undoubtedly thinking about how cool he is for believing that.
    The picture of him (That is him, right?) surprises me a bit, I’d have imagined him as really scrawny and sickly.
    Now that he’s gone, the only regret I have is that now there’s no way any of us will be able to try and talk him out of eventually acting on his sick attraction to children.
    I have just three hopes:
    1. First and foremost, that he gets serious psychiatric help for his pedophilic urgings before he ruins his own life and that of some poor innocent child.
    2. That he turns from his “Cool” pagan idols and finds Jesus again.
    3. Now that I’m becoming more active in helping with my church’s youth program, I’ll hopefully be able to provide good enough counseling to the kids entrusted to me to keep any of them from becoming like Logan.

  95. Profiler says:

    Wow!!! What did I miss? Logan was just here to make shocking comments to the group of folks who Grunt put it best…

    “Suck it up, Junior. This is what you get when you make comments like “I think little girls aged 12 and under are sexually attractive” among a bunch of people who are notoriously prone to protect the innocent.”

    He wal LOOKING for attention and performing like a Pavlovian dog for the “reward” of recognition by older males…


  96. Profiler says:

    sorry wal = wsa

  97. Profiler says:

    wal = wsa = was

    too much barley, hops and water

  98. Joek Loth says:

    His picture looks like Chaz Bono and it’s partner had a love(hate)child together!!

  99. Grunt says:

    Initially, I waited for him to fade, and didn’t bother speaking to him until he spoke to me, first (to the effect of “What about my name, Grunt? Is it ‘cool’ or something), then didn’t like my response, but I don’t recall having much else to say to him until he bought up his bizarre penchant for children.

    I have a huge soft-spot for the kindelah…like most conservatives and family-oriented types on either side of the spectrum, so my responses usually stemmed from the mindset of a person insulting a potential pedophile.
    My God, I truly hate pedos…I don’t even know how to quantify it (I doubt I’m alone, particularly here).

    As we know, much as we love our kids, I understand that kids need to know they aren’t adults and don’t have the same rights (earned by shouldering responsibility and life-experience) as adults, no matter what their School Counselor tells ’em.

    Watching some little jerk like him sit on his self-imposed dais of righteousness while talking down to a group of adults with immeasurable years of life experience that ‘this is this and that is that because I say it is’ was just annoying. If he doesn’t get his face caved in by someone who knows how to push the mute button before he’s 25, he might just learn a thing or two.

    He was an amateur button-pusher, at best…as trolls go, and I loved to watch others ruffle his rainbow-dyed feathers. Talking to him was akin to sweating out a fever or black-salving a boil; bring the infection to a head and it’ll self-terminate.

    May he and his ilk fade into their rightful place of insignificance. The date, 9-10-11 should be easy for him to remember; all age ranges he likes.

  100. Grunt says:

    Hey Profiler…

    “Logan was just here to make shocking comments to the group of folks who Grunt put it best…”

    Wow…thanks,…I’m flattered. 😀

    “[…]“reward” of recognition by older males…”

    Delicious Irony is delicious.

    Younger male seeking attention of older males wishes to be the “older male” in the adult-child relationship scenario he idealizes. Perhaps in his mind–since he has proclaimed himself gender-fluid–he either believes he’d have been loved more and more tenderly by a possible absentee or abusive Dad if he were a female, or, more to the point, perhaps Dad might have hung around if he was a Daughter instead of a Son. Either way, the kid is confused and it’s sad. Worse, he might take the warped mindset to task with some underaged girl–or an effeminate male child.

    I pray not, but if he does, I hope he is discovered by someone who has the most aggressive protective sensibilities. Perhaps then the message to leave “lolis” alone will be driven home when he’s confronted with a parent in real life and “scared straight”.

  101. Profiler says:


    That is a nice thought but the percentages don’t work that way… I hope somone manages to help the kid before he can escalate to the next level… but the numbers are not on his side…

    My kids (23 and 16) grew up “on post” and they knew that they would be called on the carpet if they even thought of stepping out of line… Then dad “BIG SARGE” would hear about it and I know that that was the LAST thing they wanted… but it wasn’t because I would spank or berate or the like. They knew that my wife and I would be dissapointed in them… We stayed invoved with thier lives and made it a point to let them know it… You gotta ask ’em “were are you going??? where have you been??? who is going to be there??? what is your friends parents name???” We do let them make mistakes but we damn sure are not going to let them NOT learn from that mistake…

    But I did think that you making the comment to the troll that he was making comments that those of us who are “notoriously prone to protect the innocent” struck a chord with me…

  102. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    Ignorance begets ignorance.

    Unfortunately, some people ‘fear’ knowledge and are therefore ‘unteachable’…

  103. xamn says:

    I won’t miss him. Great move, cheers!

  104. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    I have seen many single parent kids who are like a lost sheep who knows where the out of bounds is, yet continuously find themselves there anyway for whatever reason.
    I believe you are right. It is not the spanking, or yelling or grounding that punishes, rather it’s that they need someone in their life they respect enough to feel that shame when they do wrong. They simply have nobody in their life to “let down”
    To a boy, that role can only be played by the father figure.
    Even for girls though, studies have shown instances of teen pregnancy drop significantly when the dad is present in the home.

  105. Byron in Wahroonga says:

    Good call. Imagine the stench coming off that freak.

  106. Grunt says:

    “But I did think that you making the comment to the troll that he was making comments that those of us who are “notoriously prone to protect the innocent” struck a chord with me…”

    Profiler…I hope that didn’t strike a negative chord, as that wasn’t the intent at all.

    It was more to state that many of the folks that people this site are Family Oriented and have a tendency to watch out for the interests of those unable to defend themselves.

    “Failure to Launce” types like Logan are the latest crop of an even younger subset of pedophilically “oriented” people–they don’t grow up, live the lives of the average eleven or twelve year old boy, and they use their age to appeal to younger kids in what starts out as a “friendly, big-brother” or “secret boyfriend” type who indulges the younger’s every whim until he starts introducing the younger person to “new” things that’ll eventually bring the “buddy” into the “victim” class.

    Grooming is insidious. Also, effective. The result is always toward the same purpose.

  107. Grunt says:

    “Launce” was meant to be “Launch”. Sorry.

  108. Profiler says:

    No Grunt I too respect wanting to protect the innocent… I have a case of, wantingtoprotecttheinnocentitis…

  109. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Liberals are cowards, both the general population, and also in this brand new “victim group” comprised of pedophiles.
    So naturally they would seek out young airheads like Dork who are starving for any kind of attention, to carry their water for them. They make their appeal through things like those smut cartoons . And in return Dork gets all the attention he desires. Well, at least until his audience dries up.
    This will not end with the Pedo’s simply forcing children to make adult decisions. It will also entail them using the face of Dork, to paint the Pedophile to the public as stuck on child-like status, born that way, victimized, just like gays.
    These mentally defunct predators are pouring out of the closet now by the boat load. Liberalism is running to embrace them for a Democrapt vote.
    Libs have nothing to loose. If this blows up in their face, they simply will change their name again before the next elections.

  110. Graycat says:

    Ahhhhhh, too bad! All is not lost, Draven. Your boyfriend will be on Dancing With The Stars. “Chaz” Bono will be tripping the light fantastic, along with the NBA bully Ron Artest.

  111. Grunt says:

    Profiler–Cool…we should spread that “germ” far and wide!

    Ghost of FA Hayek–agreed. Logan is by no means a victim; he’s the first phase of the end result of the indoctrination of public school children accepting such mentality as a “lifestyle” (used to be “alternative choice back in the 90s…or similar, but they shaved off the word “choice” the minute they heard someone was searching for a “gay gene”. Still ain’t found it, so they need to rationalize it some other way)…after all, there simply has to be a reason this is being forced down kids’ throats like it’s a “normal” alternative.

  112. LarryG says:

    I don’t recall reading any of his posts but I will submit there’s something unsettling about his physical malignancy. Maybe it’s the photo, but he seems to be all head and no shoulders which might explain a few things. Being that repulsive appears to have energized the Mexican jumping bean in his head.

  113. Ryan says:

    I must have been away from the comments for a long time.

  114. FrankW says:

    I go and take a few days off for a soccer tournament and logjammed goes even further off the deep end. Normally I would farewell, but I just don’t care what become of him/it.

  115. harkin says:

    You people need to be more understanding, moonface, micro-nostrils and pubechin are horrible ailments which lead sufferers to lash out with no reason. Say a prayer for him.

  116. Joe says:

    Is it a She? a He? a Him? — Shim will be back. They have computers at the local libraries across the country.

  117. fxdwg says:

    Did anybody tell his mother that he was using bad language in public? I bet mom belongs to Code Pink.

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