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Jun 13 2018

Cake Tyranny Frosted with Hypocrisy

Many millennial college students think it’s a no-brainer; of course Christians should be forced by the government to blaspheme against their religion in the name of the LGBT agenda, the limited Masterpiece Cakeshop decision notwithstanding. But should a black baker have to decorate a cake for the KKK? Let’s find out what they think at George Washington University:

The prize for the dumbest response goes to the young blonde who excused LGBT militants on the grounds that they don’t hate the Christians they bully (sometimes to the point of driving them out of business) for being bakers. True enough; they only hate them for being Christians.

From the liberal point of view, cake tyranny is not about civil rights in any meaningful sense. As Obama would put it, it is about punishing their enemies and rewarding their friends.

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