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Aug 31 2018

California Assembly Passes 100% Green Energy Bill

Due to moonbattery, California is headed off the rails; let’s hope it doesn’t take the rest of the economy with it. The irresponsible kook Gavin Newsom — who has promised free healthcare to any illegal aliens who can sneak into the state — hasn’t even taken office as Governor yet, and plans to impose absolute lunacy are already underway:

The state assembly on Tuesday passed S.B. 100, a proposal to transition California to 100 percent emissions-free electricity sources by 2045.

You can’t run the world’s fifth largest economy on wind turbines, solar panels, and pious green thoughts. Either they back off from this nonsense or California will collapse. Grownups know this, just as they know that the stated purpose of the emission-free tyranny — to prevent the world climate from fluctuating — will not be achieved. Evidently, the liberal ideologues that demographic transformation has put in the driver’s seat don’t care.

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