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Jul 05 2019

California Criminalizes Discriminating Against Black Hair

As predicted, Gavin Newsom characteristically indulged in Cultural Marxist pandering by signing into law the CROWN Act, which bans discrimination not against previously protected Privileged Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation, but against their sacred black hair.

Via The Hill:

Senate Bill 188, which was recently passed by a unanimous margin in both the California State Assembly and Senate, will officially add hair-based discrimination associated with race to the state’s anti-discrimination law.

The bill’s text states that “the history of our nation is riddled with laws and societal norms that equated ‘blackness,’ and the associated physical traits, for example, dark skin, kinky and curly hair to a badge of inferiority, sometimes subject to separate and unequal treatment.”

Now anything associated with blackness is regarded as holy according to the religion of the liberal ruling class. So if a black person wears an outrageous hairstyle that interferes with their ability to do their job effectively, it will be against the law for their employer to object.

As goes California, so goes the nation, crows Governor Gavin:

The PPPPP positioned to his right reminds me of Debbie Harry in the movie Hairspray, who hides a bomb inside her giant hairdo. Already, the TSA has been giving way to black supremacist bullies:

The Transportation Security Administration … ushered in new measures after facing allegations of “unnecessary, unreasonable and racially discriminatory” hair searches of black women at Los Angeles International Airport.

It may now be illegal in California to ask a PPPPP why their hairdo is ticking. The next Richard Reid or Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab will be wearing his (or her) bomb on top.

On a tip from Feet2Fire.

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