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Jul 10 2019

California: Earthquakes Are Nothing Next to Liberalism

Last week, a couple of fairly strong earthquakes hit California. Big deal. As noted at Issues & Insights, the damage was trivial compared to what has been inflicted by the past 2 decades of moonbat rule. A few examples:

• California imposes the heaviest regulatory burden on small businesses in the country.

• Liberty continues to be crowded out by growing government authority. The Cato Institute ranks California 48th in freedom among the states, a position it has occupied since 2011.

• The state has had the highest poverty level in the country in recent years.

• While California‚Äôs public education system is failing, the state has gone to war with charter schools, which are not only popular with parents and students, they raise student achievement.

• The runaway public employee pension system threatens to devour the state.

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No wonder businesses and the middle class have been bailing out of California in droves.

However, liberalism seems to work in the short run for the rich and the poor. Soon there will be no one else left in the erstwhile Golden State. With no middle class left to loot and enslave, the system will resemble feudalism.

On the positive side, at least black hair is safe from discrimination.

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