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Oct 26 2018

California Is Poorest State in Nation

As goes California, so goes the nation — especially considering that the same strategy that turned the state of Governor Ronald Reagan into a bastion of leftism applies to the nation as a whole. Open borders will lead to demographic transformation, leading in turn to Democrat rule for the rest of us too; it will just take slightly longer.

This means bidding adios to the middle class standard of living. Via The Hill:

With the middle class leaving in droves, California society represents a modern feudal system of robber barons and the poor.

Both extremes vote for Democrats, squeezing out the middle class.

In a state dominated by leftists, the rich do well and the poor get free stuff. Everyone else suffers.

After factoring for costs of living, California is the poorest state in the union.

California is also the state with the lowest quality of life.

Fourteen percent of Americans live below the poverty line versus 19% in California.

Major factors in the cost of living are housing and energy:

Median home values, at $529,000, are more than double the national median of $239,800. Residents who can afford rent or a mortgage are on the hook for electricity rates burdened by green initiatives and regulation that grew 500 percent faster than the national average from 2011 to 2017.

Outlandishly expensive housing and pious envirotyranny are closely linked.

The state and its cities use environmental and zoning laws to restrict housing, which often disallows large scale development of apartments.

Then there are the taxes…

On top of a burdensome state income tax, California has the highest sales tax in the country along with property tax rates that disproportionately punish the poor and lead to housing problems.

Coercively redistributing other people’s money won’t create a middle class.

Despite having just 12 percent of the national population, California represents nearly a third of all Americans on welfare. … In Texas, 6 percent of families in poverty receive welfare. In California, the figure is 66 percent.

This is one of the reasons Texas has a lower poverty rate.

But Texas and the rest of the USA will catch up, once a largely Third World electorate provides the votes to elevate the likes of Jerry Brown to the pinnacle of power nationwide.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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