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Jun 28 2019

California May Ban Discrimination Against Black Hair

Everything about Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation is made holy by the sacred victimhood of discrimination — even their hair. Not to worry; social justice warriors will see to it that black hair will no longer be oppressed:

Kari Williams has worked to make her natural hair salon a refuge for black Angelenos, including those who’ve felt pressured to alter their hairstyles to hold on to a job.

Some customers have asked her to cut their locs — short for dreadlocks — because their bosses deemed them unacceptable. Others hadn’t worn their natural hair in so long they forgot what it looked like. That’s why Williams welcomes proposed state legislation that would make California the first state to protect black employees from discrimination based on hairstyles.

To be “protected from discrimination” regarding employment means being granted special favoritism regarding hiring, firing, and promotions. If this passes — and in California these days, I wouldn’t bet against it — those of privileged pigmentation who don’t feel that they are already been handed sufficient advantages over everyone else can achieve still more privilege by sporting mangy dreadlocks.

“It’s important to me as a black woman,” said Williams, who owns Mahogany Hair Revolution, a hair salon in Beverly Hills. “Our skin color and our hair have been used as ways to continue to keep us disenfranchised.”

She owns a salon in ritzy Beverly Hills, yet she thinks she is oppressed. From this, we can deduce that favoritism and handouts, no matter how excessive, will never cure blacks of their belligerent self-pity.

The CROWN Act (an acronym for Creating a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural hair) would prohibit “the enforcement of grooming policies that disproportionately affect people of color,” namely blacks. Conceivably, this could make it a crime to ask employees to pull their pants up so as to show less than 6 inches of underpants.

Having already passed the state Senate, the bill is on its way to the state Assembly and from there to the desk of Gavin Newsom, who is unlikely to pass up an opportunity for Cultural Marxist pandering.

This P.C. lunacy actually has security implications:

The Transportation Security Administration … ushered in new measures after facing allegations of “unnecessary, unreasonable and racially discriminatory” hair searches of black women at Los Angeles International Airport.

Al Qaeda and ISIS now know that when they send dimwitted dupes of color to blow themselves up for Allah, they should put the plastic explosives in their hair, not their sneakers or their underwear.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

One Response to “California May Ban Discrimination Against Black Hair”

  1. […] As predicted, Gavin Newsom characteristically indulged in Cultural Marxist pandering by signing into law the CROWN Act, which bans discrimination not against previously protected Privileged Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation, but against their sacred black hair. […]

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