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Feb 26 2019

California May Ban Paper Receipts Based on Junk Science

Now California moonbats want to ban paper receipts. The proposed ban is emblematic of the dictates of the environmentally deranged nanny state Left in that it is based on debunked junk science:

One reason offered for the ban is to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. The other is to reduce public exposure to bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical used to coat receipts.

Reducing carbon dioxide can be used as a pretext to restrict literally any activity. However, the politically contrived notion that CO2 emissions are somehow harmful has been debunked. The same goes for BPA.

The activist authors of the 1996 book Our Stolen Future (foreword by Al Gore) denounced BPA for allegedly having the capacity to disrupt human hormonal systems. Later that year, a Tulane study was hyped to the skies for making endocrine disrupter claims. The study turned out to be bogus:

By July 1997, the original study was retracted. Federal investigators concluded in 2001 that the Tulane researchers had committed scientific misconduct by falsifying their results.

But being an envirotyrant means never having to say, “Never mind, we were wrong.” The jihad against innocuous BPA has gone on for decades. In 2012, the FDA attempted to lay the matter to rest with a major study definitively proving that small doses of BPA are not harmful…

Yet despite its birth in scientific misconduct, its dismissals along the way by international regulators and science and public-health groups like the National Academy of Sciences and the World Health Organization, and finally its debunking by the FDA’s Clarity study, the BPA scare survives.

The minute amounts of BPA used to coat them make paper receipts fair game to ban for California Democrats, who couldn’t care less whether the receipts are actually harmful. They ban things because that’s what Democrats do — exert power over others while adopting a posture of smug piousness.

Banning every aspect of our lives one detail at a time is an end in itself. Nanny state/environmentalist rhetoric is only a pretext. If the sort of moonbats who run California gave a hoot about public health, they would not go out of their way to encourage illegal aliens from the Third World to flood into the state with their many exotic diseases.

On a tip from Varla.

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