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Jan 31 2017

California May Respond to Defunded Sanctuary Cities by Withholding Federal Taxes

The moonbats running California have raised the ante. Not only are they unwilling to cooperate with the enforcement of federal immigration law, they may not even be willing to pay federal taxes:

The state of California is studying ways to suspend financial transfers to Washington after the Trump administration threatened to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities, KPIX 5 has learned. …

“California could very well become an organized non-payer,” said Willie Brown, Jr, a former speaker of the state Assembly in an interview recorded Friday for KPIX 5’s Sunday morning news. “They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.”

If this escalates much further, Calexit might begin to seem feasible.

In fairness to the many Californians who are not moonbats and deserve to stay in America, Calexit should be based on this map:

Green can go; white stays.

La-La Land and the Gay Area are welcome to leave. They can even have a coastal land bridge if that will help persuade them to go away. But the rest of the state is still part of America.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

56 Responses to “California May Respond to Defunded Sanctuary Cities by Withholding Federal Taxes”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Does California pay any federal taxes? Other then the taxes they collect from their of their own employees through payroll withholding.. And the employees themselves are liable to the federal government for non-payment. So, in effect, California is deciding to punish their own employees by stealing their tax withholdings and leaving the employees on the hook for paying it anyway.

    Then if the State gets treated like any other deadbeat employer, their accounts gets seized by the IRS. That’s a lot of pain and suffering for a purely emotional statement.

  2. Guest says:

    Hi Dave,

    Check this out. Another Soros “activist” turns out to be a rapist. This time gay-rapist.

  3. Bob Elfers says:

    Straight from Eric Holder’s playbook.

    If they are allowed to leave, I presume that there will be a rebellion inside the State of California shortly thereafter. That would be very interesting.

    They’d better invest in windmills and desalinization plants quick.

  4. Boris says:

    Don’t allow them to leave outright. Split it into two – conservative [rural] and libtarded [urban].

    Let libtards split out… and starve to death.

  5. John27 says:

    All Trump has to do is cut off all federal welfare and food stamp payments to the state of Commiefornia and then sit back and watch the fireworks.

  6. Bob says:

    Good, shut off the water from the colorado river, don’t sent highway funds, don’t send social security benefits and the democrats lose 55 elector votes and Trump would have win the majority voted too. Keep all the Hollywood crowd too.

  7. BatCat says:

    Exactly..screw them!!!

  8. John27 says:

    There’s an opportunity here to use the Cloward Piven strategy against the left for a change. Trump can order that the feds no longer give benefits to illegals. California will certainly rebel, refuse to pay federal taxes, then use those funds for welfare and EBT. Every illegal in the country will flood into CA for freebies and the state will collapse faster than Michael Moore belly flopping onto a wedding cake. They will come crawling back to Trump and agree with everything he wants to do.

  9. Artfuldgr says:

    no place else as this kind of thing is only discussed in reaction not in anticipation.

    but you get it here first… (from me)


    We have a mandate

    together we wont the popular vote and democrats picked up seats in the senate and the house.

    trump is the least popular incoming president in modern history and
    the outgoing president and pupular vote winner are again the most
    admired man and woman in the nation

    the country did not vote for Trump-style change

    Trump has the legal aurhotiey, but we have the moral athority, and the moral responsiblity to oppose him

    so basically this is REVOLUTION…

    they will voluntariliy with malice of forethought ignore law

    we are going to fight for things which we believe, and we are going to
    fight agianst any attempt to erode the cornerstone work and values of
    the progressive movement and this pluralistic nation

    like gorbchev, we are communsits and will never leave that path, even
    if its illegal, we are not liked, we are outvoted, we know better than
    300 million peopl what 300 millino people want, and we know cause we
    went to school or have lots of money…

    then they start to use stalinist terms

    we are going to resist the normalization of Donald Trump. His
    every conflict of interest, his every bit of cronyism, his every move
    towards authoritarianism, his every subversion of our democratic systems
    and pricnipals, his every radical departture from foreign and domestic
    policy norms.

    you can almost imagine the ending of that saying “because that is what WE do and thats our corner he is working”

    in the next four years, media matters will continue its core mission of
    dasarming right wing misinformaiton, while leading the fight against the
    next generation of conservative disinformation: the proliveration of
    fake news and propaganda now threatening the countries information

    American Bridge will cement itself as the standard bearer
    of opposition research, but on its role as a progressive clearinghouse
    of information that drives the narrative on republican officholders and
    candidates… and will be at the epicenter of democrts work to regain
    power starting in 2017 and building to 2020…

    here is what success looks like

    trump will be defeated either through impeachment or at the ballot box in 2020

    the balance of power will shift back to democrats. we will
    measurablly imnpact us senate, gbernatorial and state legislative races

    we will free ourselves from solely relying on the press, our rubust digital program will reach voters directly online

    we will impeach him wheher he does wrong or not

    then like the peonix we will rise from the ashes cause we are so great

    we will throw the press under the bus (wonder if the press knows?)

    Crew will be the leading non partisan ethics watchdog group in a period
    of crisis with a president and administration that present possible
    conflicts of interest and ethical problems on unprecidented scale

    here is what success will look like

    Trump will be afflicted by a steady flkow of damaging information, new revelations, and an inability to avoid conflict issues.

    the trump administration will be forced to defend illegal conduct in court

    powerful industries and interest groups will see their influence wane

    dark money will be a political liability in key states

    see? i know the future as i get all these things going back for
    decades. if you know where to go, you can read past stuff htats not so
    secret as this new stuff

    but what your hearing is what they will do to him, planned out, in
    less than 100 days, how to ruin a man in political office, throw things
    that let us down under the bus, use dark money except in key states, and
    on and on..

    and all of it against the US government.

    Shareblue [snip]

    this is what success looks like:

    Shareblue will become the de facto news outlet for oppositoin leaders and grass roots

    trump allies will be forced to stop down or change course do to news pushed by shareblue

    under pressure from shareblue , democrats will take more agressive positions agianst trump

    shareblue will achieve financial susttainability wile diversifying content offerings and platofrms

    tope editorial and writing talent will leave competitors to join shareblue

    and here you see how fabians, progressives and communists operate (and feminsits too)

    you see how they are going to get their people to create a cry for
    action, and then the leaders will act upon it. kabuki theater. this is
    why feminism represents women, and not women who side with x or side
    with Y. it gives them the power, money to exist, and the ability to pick
    X or Y at whim, point to their group and say they are doing it for

    this is the process i been telling you is laid out and you can read
    going back 70 years and more… this has been going on for decades before
    most of us if not all of us were born.

  10. Artfuldgr says:
    General Obstruction Prohibitions
    The general federal obstruction of justice provisions are six: 18 U.S.C. 1512 (tampering with federal witnesses), 1513 (retaliating against federal witnesses), 1503 (obstruction of pending federal court proceedings), 1505 (obstruction of pending congressional or federal administrative proceedings), 371 (conspiracy), and contempt. In addition to these, there are a host of other statutes that penalize obstruction by violence, corruption, destruction of evidence, or deceit.


    Subsection 1512(k) makes conspiracy to violate §1512 a separate offense subject to the same penalties as the underlying offense. The section serves as an alternative to a prosecution under 18 U.S.C. 371 that outlaws conspiracy to violate any federal criminal statute punishable by imprisonment for not more than five years and conviction requires the government to prove the commission of an overt act in furtherance of the scheme by one of the conspirators.Subsection 1512(k) has no specific overt act element, and the courts have generally declined to imply one under such circumstances. Regardless of which section is invoked, conspirators are criminally liable as a general rule under the Pinkerton doctrine for any crime committed in the foreseeable furtherance of the conspiracy


    Section 2 treats accomplices before the fact as principals. That is, it declares that those who command, procure or aid and abet in the commission of a federal crime by another, are to be sentenced as if they committed the offense themselves. As a general rule, “[i]n order to aid and abet another to commit a crime it is necessary that a defendant in some sort associate himself with the venture, that he participate in it as in something he wishes to bring about, [and] that he seek by his action to make it succeed.” It is also necessary to prove that someone else committed the underlying offense.

    Section 3 outlaws acting as an accessory after the fact, which occurs when “one knowing that an offense has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder his or her apprehension, trial, or punishment.” Prosecution requires the commission of an underlying federal crime by someone else. An offender cannot be both a principal and an accessory after the fact to the same offense. Offenders face sentences set at one half of the sentence attached to the underlying offense, or if the underlying offense is punishable by life


    A subsection 1512(a) violation opens up the prospect of prosecution for other crimes for which a violation of subsection 1512(a) may serve as an element or otherwise related. The racketeering statutes (RICO) outlaw acquiring or conducting the affairs of an interstate enterprise through a pattern of “racketeering activity.” The commission of any of a series of state and federal crimes (predicate offenses) constitutes a racketeering activity. Section 1512 offenses are RICO predicate offenses. RICO violations are punishable by imprisonment for not more than 20 years (or imprisonment for life if the predicate offense carries such a penalty), a fine of not more than $250,000 and the confiscation of related property.

  11. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Just have to support the counties that don’t want to split off from the USA.

  12. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    If they withhold tax payments, they will essentially have seceded at that point.

    And, as far as I’m concerned, that would be excellent. Let’s make it bloodless, and let them go their own way. But my guess is that they are all talk, just like the leftist celebs who threatened to move out if Trump won. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  13. Artfuldgr says:

    when you start choosing whether to enforce laws or not, you may suddenly find that laws that are in effect, have been forgotten and apply to you and your games and were not used anymore due to custom or some other reason, but now are available

    Obstruction by Intimidation, Threats, Persuasion, or Deception (18 U.S.C. 1512(b)

    The second group of offenses within §1512 outlaws obstruction of federal congressional, judicial, or administrative activities by intimidation, threat, corrupt persuasion, or deception, 18 U.S.C. 1512(b)

    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both

    UNDER “corrupt persuasion”
    they are in big trouble if they do things and the resident in cheif decides to enforce law!!!!!!!!! it includes LOTS of things that the leaders can be prosecuted for by their mouths and others actions!! just read it!!!

    In more general terms, subsection 1512(b) bans (1) knowingly, (2) using one of the prohibited forms of persuasion (intimidation, threat, misleading or corrupt persuasion), (3)(a) with the intent to prevent a witness’s testimony or physical evidence from being truthfully presented at official federal proceedings or (b) with the intent to pr event a witness from cooperating with authorities in a matter relating to a federal offense.

    if you prevent a person from being arrested by harboring a federal criminal, your going to prevent them from the testimony related to that. ie. there are a lot of thihngs they will find apply to them.

    Obstructing Federal Courts (18 U.S.C. 1503)
    The Omnibus Provision
    Unlike §1512, §1503 does not to apply to the obstruction of congressional or administrative proceedings. Nor, in most circuits at least, does it apply to obstruction of judicial proceedings unless the impeded proceedings are pending. Nevertheless, it condemns obstructing pending judicial proceedings by means of any of four methods. Three explicitly address interfering with federal jurors or court officials; the fourth, the so-called omnibus provision, speaks to interfering with the “due administration of justice.”

  14. Major Tom says:

    Something would have to be done about losing the port cities of Long Beach, Benicia and Concord, but I’m sure some leftover coastline could be converted to make up the loss. Plus there would be no envirowienees. preventing the construction

  15. Artfuldgr says:

    here is the fun part

    Auxiliary Offenses and Liability

    Conspiracy to violate §1503 can also be prosecuted under the general conspiracy statute, 18 U.S.C. 371. Section 1503 offenses are RICO predicate offenses and consequently are money laundering predicate offenses. Those who aid and abet a §1503 offense are liable as principals and are punishable as if they committed the offense themselves. An individual who knows that another has committed a §1503 offense and nevertheless assists the offender in order to hinder his capture, trial or punishment is in turn punishable as an accessory after the fact. And an individual who affirmatively conceals the commission of a §1503 offense by another is guilty of misprision.

    Obstructing Congressional or Administrative Proceedings (18 U.S.C. 1505)

    Prosecutions under §1505 have been relatively few, at least until recently, and most of these arise as obstructions of administrative proceedings. “The crime of obstruction of [such] proceedings has three essential elements. First, there must be a proceeding pending before a department or agency of the United States. Second, the defendant must be aware of the pending proceeding. Third, the defendant must have intentionally endeavored corruptly to influence, obstruct or impede the pending proceeding.”

    obstructing or impeding immigration cases fits..

    aken as a whole, the cases suggest that a “proceeding” describes virtually any manner in which an administrative agency proceeds to do its business. The District of Columbia Circuit, for example, has held that an investigation by the Inspector General of the Agency for International Development may qualify as a “proceeding” for purposes of §1505. In doing so, it rejected the notion “that §1505 applies only to adjudicatory or rule-making activities, and does not apply to wholly investigatory activity.” Moreover, proximity to an agency’s adjudicatory or rule-making activities, such as auditors working under the direction of an officer with adjudicatory authority, has been used to support a claim that an obstructed agency activity constitutes a proceeding. The courts seem to see comparable breadth in the congressional equivalent (“obstructing the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry” by Congress and its committees).In the case of either congressional or administrative proceedings, §1505 condemns only that misconduct which is intended to obstruct the administrative proceedings or the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry. In order to overcome judicially-identified uncertainty as to the intent required, Congress added a definition of “corruptly” in 1996: “As used in §1505, the term ‘corruptly’ means acting with an improper purpose, personally or by influencing another, including making a false or misleading statement, or withholding, concealing, altering, or destroying a document or other information,” U.S.C. 1515(b). Examples of the type of conduct that have been found obstructive vary.

    and thats not even HALF of the FEDERAL laws covering the games they are playing and are still in force and can be used

  16. Artfuldgr says:

    and they would have seceded without changing their constitution which they would violate by secedding…

    The California Constitution is the basic governing document of California.
    The state’s first constitution was adopted in November 1849 in advance
    of California attaining U.S. statehood in 1850. That constitution was
    replaced by the current constitution, which was ratified on May 7, 1879

    In 1869, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Texas v. White that states cannot unilaterally secede from the Union, not that it could not be done altogether

    “When Texas became one of the United States, she entered into an
    indissoluble relation. The union between Texas and the other States was
    as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the
    original States. There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States.

    California highlights this last part because it is often left out of the
    discussion. Indeed, California cannot unilaterally declare itself
    independent of the United States even though the original 13 colonies
    unilaterally declared their independence from England.

    there are also provisions that have to change to leave that declare that california is forever part of the united states…

    [though they did make it easy to rewrite… 36 million people can be in the crapper if about 700,000 say so]

  17. Torcer says:

    But do we want them to come crawling back?

    Better that the leftist bits leave and form their own version of Venezuela of the north and have it implode demonstrating the absolute failure of the 500 year old ideas of Socialism once more.

  18. Torcer says:

    Me thinks that many of those who disdained the common sense Civil right of self-defense will quickly reevaluate that mode of thinking within a short time interval..

  19. Torcer says:

    IIRC, the ‘golden state’ was able to set it’s own boundaries such as to be assured of keeping any gold bearing areas within it’s realm. Being of such a large land mass it could easily be presumed that there would be a various amount of ‘diversity’ in opinions on the best economic forms.

    The ‘green’ areas should be allowed to fend for themselves – put their ideology where their mouths are and see if it can actually work.

  20. Hungjumper says:

    I see people going to federal prison….soon.

  21. John27 says:

    And this time the hypocritical Hollywood leftists in Beverly Hills can’t go running to Charlton Heston and beg to borrow his guns.

  22. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    “…though they did make it easy to rewrite… 36 million people can be in the crapper if about 700,000 say so”

    One of the reasons I left and have never looked back.

  23. ramrodd says:

    thus begins the disintegration of the USA…

    Aztlan lives within these politicians and their keepers….

  24. The Bad Captain Madly says:

    I like this. If they succeed, they become a foreign country we can declare war on. A good Dresden style carpet bombing sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

  25. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    As much of their economy as China has been buying up lately, I suspect they’d all be speaking Mandarin within a year.

  26. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    They’ll probably go running to Kurt Russell, who will laugh in their pretty faces.

  27. Auburn Rapunzel says:

    Invest? What’s this “invest” of which you speak? Bah, that’s for right-wing capitalist Nazi pigdog scum. What they should do is what they always do: make a movie about how much they’re suffering and how it’s everyone else’s fault that their $10-million homes are without water.

  28. WolfNippleChips says:

    Build a wall around the blue zone.

    Cut off access to the Colorado River. Stockton county, where the California Aqueduct originates isn’t blue so we can divert that water to the red parts of
    California and the far west. No water for the Bay Area and LA.

    The San Juaquin valley lies outside of Moonbatistan, so there will be plenty of food for America Proper.

    The Navy, located in San Diego, a normal right-to-moderate city, can cut off access to the Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco. That would pretty well cease commercial shipping into the state. Minor ports can be used only for humanitarian needs.

    The FAA can shut down LA and SFO and sever access to national computer and air traffic control. Navy, Marine, and Air Force fighter squadrons can enforce a no fly zone (although nothing can be done to keep the pests out of Miley Cyrus’ cooter).

    Federal earthquake relief? Buhbye. Rebuild your piss stained streets on your own dime. You will have plenty of labor, but no money.

    In short order , the whole of blue California will look like Tijuana.
    Lastly, kiss the democrat party goodbye when you lose your electoral college votes.
    The rest of us will laugh our asses off.

  29. Torcer says:

    What could go wrong? California state senate considering ‘sanctuary state’ legislation via @twitchyteam

  30. Torcer says:

    Exclusive: President Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Confirmed by Two High-Ranking Officials

  31. Rock ThisTown says:

    Bad move, CA. You can mess with the EPA, ICE, OSHA, & other bureauweenie alphabet soup agencies w/o suffering much, but you mess with the IRS & they will bury you under a mountain of bricks – penalties, interest, levies, garnishments, asset freezes, property seizures + other financial grabs I haven’t even thought of. Stop paying withholding & you’ll set off a financial firestorm like no one has ever seen. Ask Wesley Snipes, Jerry Lee Lewis or Willie Nelson what the IRS can do. You’re already on the brink of bankruptcy, California! You really want to play chicken with the IRS? My (after-tax) money’s on the IRS.

  32. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Can’t wait for the day when there’s video of a city Mayor being led out of his city hall in handcuffs, doing a perp walk for the IRS!

  33. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Nah, we don’t want to waste the bombs and jet fuel. Secession will cause a slow, tortuous death, and that will be a fun to watch.

  34. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Maybe, just like the nation, the good people of California – you know, the ones that actually pay the taxes and go to work – will rise up, toss out the “revolutionaries” and elect level headed leaders again.

    If that happens, and they include a new clause in the state Constitution that bans left wing politicians, I’d welcome them back.

    They gotta promise to behave though…….

  35. Torcer says:

    And if they can’t agree they can head off to one of the wondrous “Worker’s Paradises” I’ve heard about around the world.

    Places where everyone is a Socialist and it is THE reason there is civilization.

    Speaking of new clauses – I would find it most appropriate if they were to trim the 2nd amendment to just the part about the Right of the people to keep and bear arms..

    .. Justso it doesn’t confuse those on the nation’s Socialist Left.

  36. ICEvictim says:

    I think “Escape From LA” was meant to be a game plan.

  37. DM says:

    But, But, Gov Moonbeam loves the illegals so Cal looking like Tijuana is probably his dream.

  38. ICEvictim says:

    I can’t wait until the US Marshals take up the first of these scofflaws.

  39. SkankHunt42 says:

    Do it!

  40. DM says:

    Not a big deal in Ca handcuffs are part of the regular attire for politicians in Ca.

  41. jayeS says:

    Moonbeam has prostate cancer that keeps reoccurring. His days are numbered. I want the Feds to bring it on! Arrest every Democrat congressman, senator, mayors etc. Do it!

  42. Auburn Rapunzel says:
  43. Bob Elfers says:

    “New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State”

    I think that means they have to leave the Union first.

  44. Sharonreasterling says:

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  45. 762x51 says:

    It is not realistic to just give up the commercial warm water seaports in the SF and LA basins, military bases such as MCAS Miramar, Naval Base Coronado which houses the SEAL BUD/S school, Camp Pendelton, the San Francisco Naval Shipyard and Naval Base San Diego which is the home port of the Pacific Fleet.

    That means you cannot just let them go and you cannot simply let them withhold federal taxes otherwise all states will follow suit. Therefore, either they will have to give in or there will be a gunfight, as I have said repeatedly.

    We shall see if they actually follow through on this. If they do the die is cast and the fight will be on. Civil War II, coming to your neighborhood soon.

  46. Karma's Janitor says:

    Why don’t they raise the Rebel Flag?
    Isn’t that what is all about?

  47. MakeAmericaSaneAgain says:

    They will just be pushing themselves over the edge into total insolvency. I am sure that where California is concerned the Federal Government puts in more than it takes out. They are already going bankrupt, this will just push them over the edge. Also anything i.e. roads, bridges, military bases, schools grants, scholarships, food stamps, welfare checks, subsidized housing, and student loans, or whatever in whole or in part is made possible with Federal Dollars should be off limits to non-tax payers until they fully compensate the Federal Government for what is has contributed thus far to their benefit.

  48. MakeAmericaSaneAgain says:

    They should have be perp walked along time ago for harboring fugitives from the law via their sanctuary city policies.

  49. MakeAmericaSaneAgain says:

    I sure hope San Francisco or LA doesn’t need a Federal Bailout after the next earth quake.

    FEMA would have to tell them, sorry punks, you’re own your own.

  50. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    WE should have stopped paying taxes while Barry was pResident.. hopefully next time.. NOT!

  51. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    Looks like we will have to make the green part pay for a Wall..

  52. EVERYDAY PRESIDENT ☆ ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    I can’t wait to see Al Sharpton finally added to that list.

    On an aside.. I think they also bankrupted Mary J. Blige..

  53. Area man says:

    I agree with the map, because I live in the white part. Glad to see people realize there are a lot of conservatives here, but we are outnumbered by the loonies in the green area.

  54. Silence Dogood says:

    Toddlers, that’s all they are.

  55. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Amen bro, Amen!

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