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Feb 25 2020

California Sued for Not Teaching Children to Read

Having succumbed to moonbattery, California is a failed state. It cannot even teach children to read. Consequently, taxpayers are on the hook for a $50 million settlement.

Via CalMatters:

The state of California [last Thursday] agreed to settle a years-long, high-profile lawsuit that accused the state of depriving low-income students of color of their constitutional right to a basic education — by failing to teach them reading skills.

Under an agreement reached with plaintiffs in the complaint, Ella T. v. State of California, the state will provide $50 million specifically to improve literacy in the 75 California elementary schools with the highest concentration of third-graders scoring in the bottom tier of the state’s standardized reading exam.

Educrats will bathe in the money while children continue not to be taught anything except that Trump is Hitler and how to put on condoms. Next time the settlement will be for $100 million. California’s liberal rulers will shrug as they hand over the money, which isn’t theirs anyway.

Because this is California, the settlement includes extra moonbattery:

The agreement, part of which needs the Legislature’s approval, also requires the state to advise public schools how to reduce disparities in discipline of students of color, according to an outline of the agreement provided by Public Counsel, the pro-bono firm representing the suit’s plaintiffs.

Disparities in discipline are reflections of disparities in behavior — unless you are a liberal; then they are proof of racism, which must be abolished. So blacks are to be punished less (which will make their behavior problems even worse), and whites will be punished more, ostensibly so as to eradicate racism by imposing equality of outcome.

This is a sure way to create racism where it did not already exist. Unless social engineers are complete idiots, this is their objective. They need racism to validate their ideology and to generate grievances that they can hype out of proportion. Black kids will be allowed to run riot as white kids are punished for minor infractions in the hope that some of the whites resent it.

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