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Jan 30 2018

California Teacher Suspended After Profane Rant Defaming American Military Personnel

The language in the video below warrants a parental advisory. It provides audio of high school teacher Gregory Salcido (and Pico Rivera, California City Councilman) instructing his class on how to view those who serve in the military:

Today’s lesson:

“[American troops are] dumbsh**s. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.”

Salcido compares heroes willing to die for his liberty to pimps.

The danger of allowing cell phones in schools is that students can record moonbat instructors barking their vicious lies and send them viral, forcing even educrats who likely agree with Salcido’s point of view into damage control mode. He is out of the classroom while school officials “conduct an investigation.”

Why was student Victor Quinonez, who wants to be a Marine, recording his teacher?

“He has a history of being anti-military,” the student said, of Salcido. “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but at the same time they shouldn’t be disrespecting the veterans who have fought for our rights, who give up their lives and do stuff that other people are not willing to do.”

That is, Salcido had been subjecting his class to this corrosive propaganda on a regular basis. He isn’t the only one.

On a tip from Zachary B.

31 Responses to “California Teacher Suspended After Profane Rant Defaming American Military Personnel”

  1. Frank says:

    I guess nobody ever told brilliant “educator” Salcido about West Point, the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy…

  2. John Yaeger says:

    The only part that surprises me is that he got suspended at all. I figured this was SOP in the public schools these days.

  3. Eddie_Valiant says:

    It is, unless it becomes public. Then they go through the motion of handing out “punishment.”

  4. Franklyfrank says:

    Right. And apparently he doesn’t understand that quite a few of them have degrees in engineering/science, medicine, law etc.
    He’s the dumbs*** and should be fired.
    No severance for this pr***.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nor about the services or DoD’s various War Colleges– most education majors (which I assume he was) would have trouble with Clausewitz and Thucydides.

  6. Eddie_Valiant says:

    This type of crap has always pi**ed me but now that my son is a combat medic with the 10th Mountain Division, I’d enjoy wringing that SOB’s neck.

    What a POS.

    Our former Secretary of State, once in the service, said something not that different several years ago.

  7. MAS says:

    He’ll be protected by the teachers union and be back at indoctrination shortly.

  8. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Hint to Professor Salcido:
    I’ve known several members of the military (including one with an artificial leg). They seem a hell of a lot more intelligent that the typical high school teacher. And in terms of personal character, there is no comparison.

  9. Daniel Barger says:

    The fact that he was suspended and not fired is all the clue one needs to see where the school board/district stands on his vulgar rant. If they believed what he did was unacceptable he’d have been terminated. Like a cop he’ll get a paid vacation and then be right back at it propagandizing for the left and indoctrinating malleable minds for the “cause”. He may be transferred to a different school but nothing will really change. The left is FIRMLY in total and complete control of Americas public education system.

  10. grayjohn says:

    I am an ex Stephen King fan for the same kind of garbage.

  11. Occam's Stubble says:

    I’m worried about Quinonez. Isn’t it illegal to record someone without their knowledge in California?

  12. Nick Testa says:

    The ironic part is I bet this “teacher” will cite the first amendment and claim he’s being censored without seeing the irony in his reasoning.

    Progressives are such stupid people, yet they actually think they’re geniuses because they work in academia – as if that means anything these days… To add insult to injury it would be a stretch to call a high school teacher an academic to begin with. Heck, I wouldn’t consider 80% of college professors academics these days considering the degenerate shit they teach er indoctrinate students with… Sorry but being an Acme SJW with an associates degree in social justice doesn’t exactly make you an intellectual nor does it make your opinions worth more than a 5 year-olds. however in this case it certainly does just provide more evidence that progressives are hateful bigots that ooze hatred.

  13. Rob C says:

    That is correct. Wouldn’t want the powers that be to lose control of the narrative, now, would we?

  14. Take The Red Pill says:

    I seriously doubt that pin-headed ‘education’ majors like this POS would even KNOW the military significance of Clausewitz or how to correctly pronounce Thucydides.

    the son of a wonderful teacher (may God rest her soul), and
    a Navy veteran

  15. Mack says:

    There is no education system in this nation; there is only a soup of conflicting federal and state laws, court orders, and your – YOUR – democratically-elected local school board. Do YOU vote?

  16. Mack says:

    Well, I’m a retired high school teacher. I also did 18 months in Viet-Nam and Cambodia. I worked full-time through university (the G.I. Bill is overrated), double-shifts on weekends. What’s your story?

  17. seaoh says:

    Aside from being an asshat he is also a RAAAACIST listen to the video:

    “We couldn’t beat the Vietnamese. Who were throwing rice at us”

    Aside from the historical inaccuracies, (we won virtually every battle) we lost only because of leftist aholes at home, this .Statement would be a almost a hate crime in California if it were uttered by a republican. Yet no one bats an eyelash when a mentally ill “teacher” spues this carp to his classroom full of kids.

    The hypocrisy makes me sick

    Would love to see him claim that carp to some Vietnam vetran, who was wounded in service. my guess is the teacher would find his tiny testicals ripped from his body and shoved so far up his rear end that he would be spitting pubic hairs for a week.

  18. Terese says:

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  19. […] noted earlier, Gregory Salcido was suspended from his California high school teaching job when a student’s […]

  20. two_amber_lamps says:

    Today’s teachers are too busy teaching kindergarteners how to put condoms on bananas… no time for such trivialities.

  21. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Couple of engineering degrees. Made concrete beams in the summers. Never served in the military; did spend two years in Finland as a missionary. Four different careers. My greatest accomplishment is raising three successful kids and staying married to my first wife.

    Thank you for your service. I don’t know how you survived public schools.

  22. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    I tend to agree, though the union contracts may make it impossible to outright fire the guy even if they wanted to. Whether that’s an impediment or a convenient excuse is something that they wouldn’t answer I’m sure.

  23. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    The best and brightest usually don’t end up getting degrees in education. And the craziest crap you hear (e.g., about math being sexist and racist so that we need a new math that takes account of peoples feeeeeeeelings) generally comes from departments of education. When you hear about a “mathematician” spouting that kind of nonsense, they will almost always be profs. of math education, not actual math profs.

  24. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    That law makes sense in many cases to protect privacy, but it is easily abused. I would think an exception for government employees would be very reasonable, especially when they are directly interacting with the people they are supposed to serve. Since we the people are paying their (very generous) salaries and pensions, I think we have a right to observe them at work. Especially in situations like them standing in front of a classroom.

  25. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    There are decent, serious people in education, it should be said. Some of my childrens’ teachers over the years have simply done their jobs and tried to teach the subject matter without using their position to push their personal politics on the kids. I appreciate them, but I am afraid I don’t talk about them as much as the ones that have abused their position to indoctrinate. But the latter have been the majority unfortunately. Especially among the school administration.

  26. Some Rabbit says:

    Not “high level thinkers?” That would be a surprise to all the physicians and other officers with advanced degrees serving in the armed forces. And how “smart” is this guy that he was taken down so easily by a student?

  27. Rob L says:

    See Section (c) of CA Penal Code 632. Law not applicable in a public setting such as a public classroom where there is no expectation of a conversation not being overheard.
    Next excuse?

  28. Petercat says:

    How long will it be before the student is expelled for creating a hostile work environment?

  29. Charles Raulerson says:

    WoW all these comments about the teacher and nobody seeingg how very wrong this is..As someone who

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