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Aug 29 2011

California to Ban Styrofoam

Despite looming economic collapse, the leftist fanatics running California remain resolute in their determination to remain at the cutting edge of the authoritarian moonbattery that is destroying the erstwhile Golden State. Their latest initiative is to ban Styrofoam:

Restaurant owner Gary Honeycutt says a push in California’s state Legislature to ban the plastic foam containers he uses to serve up takeout meals could cost him thousands of dollars in an industry where profit margins already are razor thin. … He expects his costs would more than double if the state requires him to use only biodegradable cartons.

The bill by Democratic state Sen. Alan Lowenthal, would prohibit restaurants, grocery stores and other vendors from dispensing food in expanded polystyrene containers, commonly known as Styrofoam, beginning in 2016. If signed into law, the measure would make California the first to institute a statewide ban on such containers. More than 50 California cities and counties already have similar bans.

As with all liberal initiatives, this will destroy jobs, both indirectly by raising the cost of doing business and directly:

Dart, one of two companies in California that make the Styrofoam products, employs about 600 people in the state. The company already makes the biodegradable alternative, but the two California plants are incapable of producing anything other than the Styrofoam material.

The main pretext for the ban is that some litter is made of Styrofoam. Never mind that the cardboard replacement containers will have to be doubled up to prevent food from melting through them, presumably resulting in twice as much litter.

Coming next: a ban on plastic.

If only Californians would leave their liberalism behind when they inevitably escape the bankrupt authoritarian hellhole they are making of their state, the damage could at least be contained.

If it makes our lives better, liberals will take it away.

On a tip from Ianto.

50 Responses to “California to Ban Styrofoam”

  1. JamesJ says:

    Kalifornia: Circling the drain and grasping at styrofoam

  2. oldguy says:

    Californians should be required to have passports to leave the state.

  3. Texas-pleasesucceed says:


    It’s none of your business what happens in California…it’s called “states rights.” Shit in your own well if you like… but don’t tell the rest of the country what they should and should not be doing… who the fuck do you think you are?

  4. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    What a great opportunity for an enterprising capitalist! Start a company that sells biodegradable cardboard to-go containers! Styrofoam is horrible for the planet. Why should we keep using it when we can use something else that is much better for the Earth and serves the same purpose?


    California leading the path to enviromental insanity and green stupidity

  6. StanInTexas says:

    This reminds me of the controversy surrounding the plastic grocery bags. Liberals always seem to have a solution for a problem. Of course, when their ‘solution’ causes the problem to get worse, or causes a bigger problem, the same Liberals are right there with ANOTHER solution to fix the problem.

    Oh, and Texas-pleasesucceed, is you are going to whine about Dave talking about California, then change your posting name, as it is none of your business what Texas does ot doesn’t do. State’s right, you know!

  7. Dark Dickwing says:

    Well, as long as they don’t outlaw prophylactic rubber I don’t really give a care.

  8. What would John Hancock do? He’d take his ship Liberty and smuggle Styrofoam into the state.

  9. Carmen says:

    Only a liberal would try to censor another’s free speech ON HIS OWN BLOG. dumbasses

  10. Carmen says:

    This makes me want to do another tire bonfire this upcoming weekend…..and melt styrofoam in it. WOOT!!

  11. son of a preacher man says:

    “It’s none of your business what happens in California…”

    It does when it affects inter-state business.

    Guess what the material of choice is by the auto industry to build their die patterns out of before they are forged in iron or steel?

  12. Air2air says:

    All the comments about my state of California are correct. But as long as you can make it out of biodegradable styrofoam, I have no issues with that. The problem is the legal mandate to do so.

  13. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    Carmen, good idea on that bonfire. Just make sure you stand as close as possible and inhale all the fumes. It’s not like they are bad for you or anything.

  14. Clay says:

    what are they going to grab onto when the state slides off into the Pacific? They’re not thinking this through.

  15. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    Air2air, do you think the industry would start using biodegradable material all on its own? The government, from time to time, has nudge citizens in the right direction. It makes no sense to destroy the planet when an alternative is available.

  16. carl says:

    Texas-pleasesucceed, is a ‘tard that should look up what secede and succeed mean while he/she sucks seed.

  17. StanInTexas says:

    Dookie, so the use of styrofoam is destroying the planet? WOW, what a little drama queen you are.

    And it is interesting how you want the government to “nudge citizens in the right direction” when a Liberal is in office. I’ll wager you would be less inviting of that concept if a Republican were to try that with, say, nudgeing people off of welfare.

  18. Resident Loon says:

    The government also is the only party in the world smart enough to know what the “right direction” is. Even when the “right direction” to nudge people is to forced labor, concentration, and/or death camps.

  19. Air2air says:

    Dookie you make some unsupportable assumptions:

    “The government, from time to time, has to nudge citizens in the right direction.”

    That is not an argument related to this issue. It is an opinion that the government should not exist at the behest of you, the people. If the government were mandating that we all use styrofoam, you would probably sound like the rest of us on this thread. Conclusion: We have a Constitution written specifically to prevent being nudged in the ‘right’ direction – no matter what opinion is ‘right’.

    “It makes no sense to destroy the planet when an alternative is available.”

    We would all agree with you there. And soon, demand will spur innovations that allow a biodegradable alternative to be developed at the right price point. Sorry that’s a little too complex for liberals, but we can’t legislate away the product development process.

    Your lifesaving heart surgery has a high carbon footprint, with all those people in a small room. And fortunately you have not voted to give the government the power to curtail it.

  20. FrankW says:

    Actually pleasesucks almost had a point. States rights is correct, and I will not whine if it only affected CA. But…unintended consequences here we go.
    CA bans Styrofoam, #1 replacement is cardboard/paper, these items come from trees which CA has already mandated for the most part be cut elsewhere. The trees are then processed into paper. The paper must then be shipped to CA. Where does this affect me in KS, you might ask? Well the higher cost of paper, after all CA is not producing a surplus of paper at the moment. The increase in diesel used to transport the paper will cause prices to rise in other places. And last and certainly not least the fact that if CA does this with no opposition, it will set precedent for the Fed to try it later. As well as the fact that if CA would just STFU I would not have to purchase (at extra cost + reduction of mileage) on my car’s CA-compliant exhaust system. So yet again a glass-houses argument from the loony left-coasters.

  21. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    If the government is going to put people in camps, it will happen under a Republican administration. The same people who brought us Homeland Security.

  22. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    The government has been “nudging” citizens in the “right direction” for over a hundred years. Theodore Roosevelt would be disgusted with the modern Republican party and is lack of regard for the environment.

  23. KHarn says:

    “Dookiestain Laflair says:August 29, 2011 at 1:10 pm”

    Where has that “nudgeing” gotten us? We are now COMMUNIST in all but name. Thank you so FUCKING MUCH!

  24. Spurwing Plover says:

    Cant wait until we here in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA suceds from the rest of the sttae along with SOUTHERN OREGON to form the STATE of JEFFERSON so we wont ahve to be bothered by those jerks in sacramento espcialy that moonbeam brown idiot

  25. StanInTexas says:

    Dookiestain Laflair says: August 29, 2011 at 1:07 pm
    If the government is going to put people in camps, it will happen under a Republican administration. The same people who brought us Homeland Security.

    The last time people were put into camps in America, it was the DEMOCRATS that did it. You do not have history or prescidence on your side, Dookie.

  26. KHarn says:

    OK, we’ll ban styrofoam and replace it with a bi-degradeable material called PAPER.

    WHOOPS! Paper is made from TREES! So we’ll use PLASTIC instead.

    OOPS! Plastic is made from OIL, CORN, or TREES!

    All right, we’ll just have people carry a TIN BUCKET to the back door and beg for scraps or fish left-overs out of the GARBAGE CAN like they did durring the Depression.

    A little hardship will build character.

  27. son of a preacher man says:

    “If the government is going to put people in camps, it will happen under a Republican administration.”

    Who okayed the rounding up of all the Americans of Janpanese ansestory back after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

  28. StanInTexas says:

    Dookie, you think it is the governments job to ‘nudge’ people in the right direction???

    So you would have no problem with a Republican administration that ‘nudged’ people to be more independent and productiven by cutting off their unemployment and food stamp benefits?

  29. KHarn says:

    “StanInTexas says:August 29, 2011 at 1:21 pm”

    In fact, it was a representitive from CALIFORNIA who came up with the plan.

  30. Turbo says:

    Wow we have more libtards here lately than the HuffinGlue Post! I wonder, how much are they paying their little Soros-monkies these days to flood conservative websites with the Party approved line of truth? Lol..

  31. DiaperStain LaFlatulence says:

    I’m all in favor of government control. Especially when they know better than we do!

  32. Anonymous says:


    I like that term – Soros monkey.

    From now on, how about if we identify the Soros monkeys and ignore their comments?

  33. Cameraman says:

    Don”t Feed the troll..unless its styrofoam!

  34. Beef says:

    “If only Californians would leave their liberalism behind when they inevitably escape the bankrupt authoritarian hellhole they are making of their state, the damage could at least be contained.”

    That’s a good point. Tens of thousands of Californians bail each year to other, mostly “Red” states because of how rampant liberalism is ruining California, and then immediately proceed to push the same liberal initiatives they just fled.


  35. Graycat says:

    Texas pleasesucceed: “State’s rights” my arse. Most of, if not all, nanny state laws of this sort begin in Kally-for-nee-ya and then other states jump on the enviro-wacko bandwagon. This sort of law is what Mark Levin calls environmental statism in his book “Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto.” Light bulbs. Toilet flushes. Shower heads. Plastic bags. Styrofoam order-to-go meal containers. All of them are none of governent’s business, federal, state or local. The city council in the community where I live recently decided against a twenty cent per bag plastic bag fee (penalty) ordinance. Why is that moonbats can justify placing Americans of of work in order to promote their stupid agendas?

    When it comes to litter, I see plenty of it, of all types, plastic bottles, glass bottles, fast food cups, cigarette butts, which by the way is the most common type of litter I see. Some people will be disrepectful slobs and other people will be respectful of our environment. Until people change their behavior, “litter bugs” will continue to be a problem. Punishing business owners or good citizens is not the answer.

  36. Dookiestain Laflair says:

    The Republican party would be much more successful if it returned to reason and logic, embraced science and dropped the religion stuff.

  37. StanInTexas says:


    Are you unable to answer the question I posed for you “August 29, 2011 at 1:23 pm” on this thread?

    Or are you too much of a coward to answer it?

  38. Kevin says:

    Turbo: Do you live in Arizona, and do you enjoy craft beer?

  39. Trace says:

    “Dookiestain Laflair says:
    August 29, 2011 at 1:07 pm
    If the government is going to put people in camps, it will happen under a Republican administration. The same people who brought us Homeland Security.”

    Let me tell you something.
    If you thought DHS only started after 9/11, you are so very niave………

    I can tell you with 100% certainty the department was already on the drawing board before Bush WON the 2000 Elections

  40. Louisiana Steve says:

    When the libs finally succeed in banning all synthetic products, they will be forced to accept the use of trees as a resource for everything sythetics replaced. What an irony.

  41. Trace says:

    dumb ass libs never think past the next election.

  42. Trace says:

    You know, I remember when I was on the Redondo Pier. I noticed the Pier was kept afloat by, now catch this, Stryofoam.

    I really don’t think that paper mache’ replacement would work for that, do you?
    Or the Bouys, or most life-preservation equipment.

    Really dumb ass move

  43. blue says:

    actually the idea has merit- follow me on this
    – banning of plastic bags lead to the reusable bag and bacterial growth
    – banning styrofoam food containers should lead to reusable containers and botulism growth
    – now the only ones dumb enough to actually use the reusable food containers are liberals
    – “enjoy your big mac from the box with the green crud dear, you are saving the planet!”
    – the conservative survivors repeal the law & we move ahead

  44. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Texas pleasesucceed
    You are correct in invoking states rights.
    This is called the great experiment.
    But if I have no right to speak out, or comment on what California does, then by extension I would also not have that right to speak out when it inevitably comes around to MY state.
    Now, if the federal government were to tell Cali that they MUST allow styrofoam, this is where the irony hits the fan.
    The Feds would most assuredly invoke the interstate commerce clause. And using the mandate in Obamacare as precedent, they could argue that you MUST purchase Styrofoam as a condition of citizenship, whether you want it or not.
    Of course they could also make you “eat your peas”

  45. gunnerjones says:

    Trees grow back, renewable resource, puts thousands of people to work. Once oil is used, it’s gone forever. To the best of my knowledge, old growth forests aren’t used for paper.

  46. Spurwing Plover says:

    And the attrocous california state quarter

  47. Carmen says:

    Okay Okay – the bonfire of tires is out – I will let my huge SUV idle overnight – feel free to come suck the exhaust – all drugs should be legal – it’ll be a gas!!

  48. Had it up to here :/ says:

    The funny thing is is that the moontards in californication premise for banning the expanded polystyrene products is because of the litter. We all know who the litter bugs are, don’t we. We’ve seen how they leave liberal rallies.

  49. tim says:

    let us all stop and think for a moment. a California representative has come up with this idea, is it really for the environment? is it because aforementioned representative has sunk money into a business venture and needs to destroy competition? before we even think ‘states rights’ we should look for ulterior motives. politicians don’t give a damn about you, me, or the environment. politicians look out for their own net worth, and the people that contribute large amount of money to their campaigns.

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