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May 14 2018

Campus Moonbats Respond to Invitation to Discuss Free Speech by Calling the Police

No wonder moonbats regard the police as instruments of oppression. That’s exactly what they want to use them for. Here’s what happened when the University of Texas at San Antonio chapter of Young Americans for Freedom held a “Change My Mind” event on the topic, “Hate Speech Is Free Speech”:

First, a university staff member immediately approached us about our white board, erroneously claiming that it violated the university’s exhibit policy, and that we had no right to conduct the event because UTSA is a “limited free speech” campus, though the administrator was unable to show us the policy that we allegedly violated.

Then, within the first 10 minutes of our event, an LGBT student group that was tabling nearby called university police in hopes that officers would forcefully terminate our exhibit, though after arriving at the scene, the officers confirmed over radio that YAF was by no means violating UTSA policy.

Rather than take them up on their invitation to discuss the issue of free speech, the Associate Dean of Students stopped by to menace them with the warning that they were making some students feel “unsafe” — academese for “We want you to shut up.” Protesters tried to block the table by standing in front of it with moronic signs.

Two hours into the event, activists made another call to the university police, but to their dismay, the officers again concluded that there had been no violation of university policy.

Imagine what life would be like if the police took orders from the mouth-foaming moonbats who dominate college campuses. The YAF countermoonbats would be undergoing interrogation in basement cells.

Now for a scarier thought: today’s college students will be in charge tomorrow.

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