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Nov 10 2016

Campus Snowflakes Need Time Off to Deal With Election Results

To the benefits of Trump’s big win, we can add midterms being made optional at Yale:

Jon Victor is an editor at Yale Daily News. It is unclear which member of the Yale Department of Economics wrote the note.

Students elsewhere want to catch a break too:

College students at several schools have started petitions urging their universities and professors to cancel classes in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory, citing “emotional distress.”

These include Loyola University and Bryn Mawr. Petitions refer to the hardship of dealing with precarious mental health and being “literally scared for their lives.”

Next liberal students will demand padded walls in their dormitories so they don’t hurt themselves by rhythmically banging their heads as they drool and burble.

Reality has invaded their safe space.

On tips from Byron, Bodhisattva, and Dragon’s Lair.

46 Responses to “Campus Snowflakes Need Time Off to Deal With Election Results”

  1. The Trumpening says:

    Alternate headline:

    Moonbattery Circle-Jerkers and Blount Knob Polishers Try To Revise Their Piss-Poor Record

  2. Jester says:

    I have yet to meet a leftist that has any capacity whatsoever to think with the rational, knowledgeable, and logical parts of their brain. All they ever have access to is the polar opposite: purely emotions, feelings, whims, and reflexes; no thinking parts. And we wonder why our country is swirling the drain after 8 years of that rule…

  3. KHarn says:

    I had voted for my state to secede and encouraged others to do likewise.
    So screw you and your masturbation.

  4. KHarn says:

    At the beginning of each semester, find out who is a “SJW” or “progressive” and “graduate” them. Hand the idiots a blank diploma (Let them fill it out as they “feel they deserve”) and send them into the real world. If they come back sniveling and crying to be protected. have them arrested for trespassing.
    Do the same for race hustlers.

  5. Bob Elfers says:

    My a$$. Professors are facilitating Trump protests. Drones have been activated.

  6. Dad_All_Day says:

    No problems at the Citadel in Charleston. Unless you consider joy at Hillary’s loss to be a problem.

  7. Bob Elfers says:

    Dave is right on the issues. I still do not completely trust Mr. T to do the right thing and we need people like Dave to hold him to his word.

  8. Saxon Warrior says:

    Already shirkers and they haven’t even started work yet. If I took a day off work every time I felt a bit “emotionally distressed” I’d soon be out of a job.

    If these lazy liberal snowflakes actually spent more time in classes or got themselves jobs to pay for themselves through college instead of wasting time attending pointless demonstrations then they might learn a bit more about real life.

    No, I’ll rephrase that – classes run by moonbat professors certainly won’t teach them more about real life but a bit of honest, hard work might do!

  9. Torcer says:

    “People Have to Die”: Anti-Trump Protests Start Ugly and Get Worse | RedState

    Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Death, Violence on CNN

    So much for accepting election results: Protesters burn flags, block traffic … the usual via @twitchyteam

    WATCH: Anti-Trump protester wants him impeached and out of the White House right NOW! (Wait, what?) via @twitchyteam

    Protests Erupt In Major Cities Over Election of Trump: ‘People Have to Die’! [VIDEO]

  10. Torcer says:

    Embarrassment for Newsweek as they are forced to recall premature ‘Madam President’ souvenir editions
    Newsweek printed a souvenir edition for Hillary Clinton, but not for Trump
    It came under fire for the move, with some branding it biased
    Newsweek said it printed the Hillary edition as she was predicted to win

    A news magazine has come under fire for printing special ‘Madam President’ souvenir editions before election day and sending them to stores, but not Donald Trump versions.

    A picture of the Newsweek-branded publication, which carried the tagline ‘Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House, was posted on Twitter on November 7 by bookstore worker @mghnbtts.

    The images angered Trump supporters, who suggested that the media was colluding with the Clinton campaign.

  11. Torcer says:

    Play Nice? Not Hardly: Trump Advocates Treat NeverTrumpers as Conquered Foes
    If you were part of the Never Trump tribe, you probably knew that an actual Trump win would result in some increased trolling from the Trumpidian faithful.

    The fact that Donald Trump has made decency and graciousness relics of the past is solidified by the actions and words of his devotees, post-election.

    The notion of letting cooler heads now prevail and working together to actually “make America great again” never really entered into the equation for Trumplings. They gave lip service to it when the election was on the line, but now that they are victorious, they gladly insult those who stood on principle through the election and are openly hostile.

    This was never about making America great. It was always about exalting a king.
    Yes. That’s exactly the way to build bridges and reassure those with doubts that we’re not dealing with an authoritarian madman at the helm of our republic.

    I said weeks ago that no matter who was president after all of this, I would not be afraid, and I’m not. I know who my real King is.

    That being said, however, it really is disturbing to see the mask come off and the ugly, power-drunk mindset of the Trump team.

  12. Torcer says:

    This Video of an Unhinged #TrumpProtest Hillary Nut is Hilariously Insane
    This video is amazing. Zero to crazy in 30 seconds.

    A CNN reporter is interviewing a relatively normal looking guy at anti-Trump protests in Chicago. For about 30 seconds he sounds like a perfectly reasonable guy (apart from being a Hillary supporter). He’s pleading with protesters to stop blocking streets, vandalizing public property, and burning flags. He asks Hillary to step up and soothe the unrest.

    Then suddenly he goes full nutjob and starts delivering a lecture about alternate universe U.S. history and civics. He wants Hillary to walk into the Supreme Court and tell them to unilaterally declare America to be a pure democracy so our elections don’t become like some imaginary time where black people’s votes only counted as 1/3 of a vote.

  13. Torcer says:

    And of course we have our own set who are going ’round the bend:

    Bite me loser.

    Your predictable ‘formula’ of obsessive-compulsive rants when other people challenge you with an opposing opinion, is borderline unstable and rather anal and creepy. You’re beginning to seep into the chaotic emotional world of 762xTraitor.
    You’re kind of like a crybaby, huh…?

    (Sorry to laugh at your expense) But your projection is getting to be downright comical.

  14. TrojanMan says:

    Civil war is still on the horizon. Trump cannot change that. No one can.

  15. TrojanMan says:

    Yeah i blocked all the trolls long ago. Unfortunately some posts as guests which cannot be blocked.

    Perhaps it would be wise to turn off guest posting.

  16. Torcer says:

    Remember when secession was treasonous? Now it’s all the rage
    I’m old enough to remember when Democrats were shocked… shocked, I say, when disaffected conservatives suggested things along the lines of Texas seceding from the nation. It was, we were assured, treason! Ah… good times, my friends. It took less than 24 hours after Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election for liberals in California to decide that splitting from the nation wasn’t such a bad idea after all. (Business Insider)

    “Calexit” is swiftly taking over social media.

    After Donald Trump won the race to the White House, people across California took to social media Tuesday night to call for “Calexit” (or California exit), recalling Brexit, Britain’s push to leave the European Union.

    As the topic continues to trend on Twitter, Californians in favor of seceding from the US will gather November 9th on the steps of the capitol in Sacramento.

    The group leading the charge, Yes California Independence Campaign, assembled long before Trump’s surprising victory. Its aim is to hold a referendum in 2018 that, if passed, would make California an independent country.

  17. TrojanMan says:

    I would have NO issue whatsoever with California leaving the Union. That might not make it necessary for Texas to secede especially if all the other hippieland states go with them. I say: “I’ll help you pack”

  18. Torcer says:

    I’m this close to blocking some of the more egregious examples.
    I did that with Kirkles a while back and it was glorious.

  19. Bob Elfers says:

    I think that if Cali seceded they would lose the northern half. I don’t think that most of the state would go willingly. Then they would need to bargain for water.

  20. TrojanMan says:

    Of course we would not be fighting the exact people on the right side of this pic. We would be fighting their hired thugs at the DHS, FBI, DEA, ATF, et al.

  21. Paladin says:

    I laughed way to hard at this one.

  22. TED says:

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎 EXCELLENT!

  23. Paladin says:

    Give them all a trophy. Maybe they’ll feel better.

  24. TED says:

    SO SWEET!!

  25. TED says:

    BATTERIES for their girlfriends strap-on!

  26. Torcer says:

    I would wager that many would respond to that news as it’s about time..

    Too bad they can’t take the rest of the leftists with them…

  27. Pyrran says:

    They’re probably also worried about monsters under their bed.
    Grow up.

  28. FrozenPatriot says:

    Aw, you gave kankles the boot? He was fun to play with from time to time…

  29. FrozenPatriot says:

    All for it! Hitlery took the popular vote by 200,000 votes. She won Commiefornia by 2,500,000 and lost the rest of the country by 2,300,000…

  30. Torcer says:

    It was getting quite tiresome… Although I think I ran into her in another guise acting in her capacity as a leftist.

  31. Torcer says:

    Well they might not want to set the precedent given that parasites don’t often voluntarily detach from their hosts.

    It would be interesting to see what they would name their new nation.

    People’s republic of Kalifornia..?
    North East Korea?

  32. FrozenPatriot says:

    They’re no doubt sad that New Mexico is taken… Perhaps New Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornia… nDPRK

  33. MAS says:

    The sane parts of California would relish the coastal side of our state leaving…just so y’all know we ain’t all liberals here.

  34. oldguy says:

    If you don’t quit embracing policies that allow unfettered immigration young lady, I can tell you one place on your body that will not be safe.

  35. Dear Students,

    I’ve changed my mind. You will all receive honorary degrees in Thinkology. Now, go out and change the world, or as much of it as your EBT cards will allow. Because you surely can’t get a job with a worthless diploma.


    The Wizard

  36. RobM1981 says:


    I am emotionally destroyed by the election results, and cannot go on watch/duty/patrol tonight…”

    …said a US Marine, Sailor, Soldier or Airman, NEVER.

  37. Torcer says:

    It is my contention that the founding fathers were genius of immense intellect in setting up the Federal system with separate states as experiments in representative governance.

    Perhaps the leftist parts of each state should break away and put their ideas of Socialism to the test without the supporting infrastructure of the rest of the country.

  38. Area man says:

    Why not make attending class optional? Heck, let’s give everyone an honorary degree, then we can all be doctors!

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