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Nov 26 2019

Campuses Achieve New Level of Hysterical Tyranny

Ideology can fester into a tyrannical form of mass insanity. It happened in the French Revolution, producing the Reign of Terror. It happened in communist China, producing the bloody Cultural Revolution. It is happening now on American college campuses, where so much as referring to something deemed politically incorrect results in harsh punishment.

At Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, militant students shut down a play the day before it would have opened.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

The aggrieved students were upset that the play, Larry Shue’s “The Foreigner,” depicts the evil antics of the Ku Klux Klan. But the play doesn’t show Klan members in a sympathetic light—on the contrary, they’re the villains of the piece, and they get their comeuppance in the end. Yet students were deeply upset by the Klan costumes the actors would wear, so the play had to go.

This won’t stop with the KKK. Imagine the future 20 years from now when these students control the legislature, courts, and media. Already, the greatest figures in American history have undergone demonization. Next, they will be unpersoned. This process is already well underway with Thomas Jefferson (see here, here, here, here, here, and here). Before long, people will lose their jobs for saying “Thomas Jefferson” out loud. As soft tyranny inevitably transitions to hard, the punishment will escalate.

People have already seen their careers destroyed for uttering the forbidden N-word in the context of condemning others for using it. Papa John and Mary Beth Maxwell are not the only examples:

At Emory University, law professor Paul Zwier is facing major sanctions from his school because, in a few instances, he said the N-word. Mr. Zwier didn’t direct the word at anyone or anything; he merely mentioned it, first as part of a discussion of case law and then to illustrate a larger point during a private conversation.

This is like a pediatrician being made into a pariah for looking at a child’s privates in the context of treating a disease.

Students claimed Mr. Zwier threatened their “safety and emotional well-being.” Another student who heard Mr. Zwier use the word was reportedly “visibly shaken” after the experience, as if he had suffered a near-death experience. Faculty wanted Mr. Zwier barred from school events, lest they be forced to sit near him and risk their own reputations.

Hypersensitivity has been weaponized, which is why it is taken to such ludicrous extremes. Proclamations of feeling “unsafe” or “triggered” serve the same purpose truncheons did in the past.

More examples:

An employee at the University of North Texas lost her job after referring to the N-word as an example of constitutionally protected speech. Students demanded her firing, claiming that her use of the word proved she was racist. At Augsburg University in Minneapolis, a professor uttered the word while discussing a James Baldwin text that itself used the word. That professor was suspended after a student outcry. A professor at the University of Kansas got booted off the tenure track after referring to the word during a class session.

The free interchange of ideas that once characterized colleges is impossible in such an environment. This level of tyranny will smother American culture as a whole if effective pushback against political correctness does not begin soon.

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