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Dec 11 2016

Can You Trust the Press? No.

Judith Miller, formerly of the New York Times, explains why we cannot trust the fake news vomited forth by the leftist “mainstream” information gatekeepers:

On a tip from Torcer.

5 Responses to “Can You Trust the Press? No.”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Journalism is, for all intents and purposes, dead.

  2. AlexMcQuade says:

    They have all reached ZERO – and are now hell-bent on going into NEGATIVE NUMBERS !!!! God-speed, leftists !

  3. Good Stuff says:

    The cool thing about blogging is that everybody has a voice. It can be as LOUD as you want it to be.

    Your voice can change the world. We are no longer slaves to the mass media

    A blogger’s voice can now jump boarders in a single bound

    Our collective voices are recording the people’s history book

    Your voice is a good current event source

    Law makers are learning that your voice is now more important than a vote!

    Your blogging voice is now the “moral majority”

  4. JayMS says:

    Nice piece, but she misses the boat in one regard. TV news has, even back to the 1980’s and probably before that, presented a completely one-sided view of the news that only got worse as time went on. Of course in 2008 I would say the media totally jumped the shark and threw out any thin pretense of objectivity to get Obama elected. But to chalk this up as a new, recent issue I feel is wrong.

  5. Still Out of Service says:


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