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Feb 05 2019

Canadian Basic Income Recipients Sue to Stay on Gravy Train

If bureaucrats pushing wealth redistribution schemes like basic income expect gratitude from the beneficiaries of their coercive largesse, they are fools. You won’t find gratitude where you have entitlement.

Members of an internationally lauded basic income pilot project in Canada are taking their province to court over its surprise cancellation, arguing that the Ontario government’s decision is unethical and that it was made in bad faith.

What, you were expecting them to say, “Thanks for all the free money, I knew this was too unfair to last forever”?

Once you start giving people other people’s money, it is “unethical” to stop. The free money becomes the right of those receiving it. This is why the welfare state is morally depraved and has contributed so conspicuously to undermining the work ethic and to advancing moral decay.

On Jan. 27, a three-judge legal panel heard arguments in a Toronto courthouse. They ultimately reserved judgment, meaning they haven’t yet decided whether to uphold the government’s decision or accept the recipients’ request to quash the cancellation.

Legislation isn’t needed anymore. Leftist law schools have produced whole generations of judges likely to bang their gavel and proclaim that your money belongs to someone else, not even because they need it, but just because they would rather not have to work for it like you did.

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