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Jan 09 2023

Canadian Hotlines Help You Commit Suicide

In a dystopia, everything gets turned upside down and backward. For example, in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, book-burning firemen start fires rather than put them out. Another example is Canada under moonbat rule, where suicide hotlines help you commit suicide:

MAID (medical assistance in dying) has now grown so popular that Canada has both anti-suicide hotlines to try and stop people killing themselves, as well as pro-suicide hotlines for people wanting to end their lives.

More upside-down backwardism:

Obstetrician Stefanie Green … revealed that she’s helped 300 people die in Canada’s controversial MAID program

She uses the term ‘deliveries’ to describe both her work helping women give birth – and people end their lives.

If helping the mentally ill to pretend they are members of the opposite sex can be called “gender affirmation,” why can’t ushering people into death instead of life be called a delivery?

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