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Oct 01 2019

Cancel Culture: Breitbart and the LAPD

Cancel culture does not only cancel individuals, like generous beer-drinker Carson King. It cancels whole sectors of society. The right-wing news media? Canceled. This includes Breitbart.

The Los Angeles Police Department allegedly ran a recruiting ad on Breitbart. Outrage ensued. The LAPD cringingly issued a PC apology, kowtowing before the jealous god Diversity, which precludes any ideological diversity:

Now the LAPD denies they even ran the ad and suggests it is some kind of hoax:

Breitbart is a legitimate, popular website that is supportive of law enforcement. Why would running a recruiting ad be such a scandal that the LAPD is in lockdown denial mode? Because it is not part of the liberal establishment, and therefore must be marginalized — or rather, canceled.

On a tip from Steve T.

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