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Jan 13 2020

Cancel Culture Comes for Science

We can have science and Christianity at the same time; Western Civilization is proof of it. But science and moonbattery cannot coexist. We have to choose between them.

Peter Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, reports that next month, the NAS is holding a conference in defense of science.

It is meant to be an exchange among scholars on the problem of “irreproducibility” in the sciences—fake science or failed science, or something-is-missing science. … Our goal is bring together experts who have diverse and often conflicting views to see if they can come to some agreement about how to improve the situation. The conference is titled Fixing Science: Practical Solutions for the Irreproducibility Crisis.

Who could object? The woke could.

Biologist Leonid Teytelman launched a social media jihad against the conference, which stands accused of being “problematic.”

The main grounds:

Our list of speakers includes no women. (All declined our invitations.) … Wikipedia describes us as a “conservative” organization. We are also accused of “climate denialism,” and of having invited some climate-change skeptics to speak.

Global warming dogma is the quintessential example of bad science that strays from objectivity. That the conference would come under fire for possibly challenging it proves the necessity of the conference.

Twitter critics accuse the NAS of politicizing science by potentially challenging junk science that is based on politics rather than the scientific method. Progressives have weaponized hypocrisy.

The real story here is the degree to which intellectual intolerance and political dogmatism have found a home in the natural sciences.

For example, conferences have been boycotted and even canceled because not enough of the speakers are women. This is consistent with the liberal view that 2 + 2 = 4 only if someone who qualifies as “marginalized” says so. No doubt future conferences will come under fire because not enough of the speakers are black, homosexual, transsexual, restricted to a wheelchair, in the country illegally, et cetera.

These may sound like small matters, but they are the drawing board for how science is willingly subjecting itself to the yoke of political orthodoxy. The sex or race of scientists has no bearing on the quality of their work.

The problem is that the quality of the work is becoming irrelevant. The ideology currently passed off as “liberalism” is truly totalitarian, in that its adherents insist that it be the sole metric for everything.

On a tip from Varla.

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