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Jun 09 2019

Candi CdeBaca Promises Communism by Any Means Necessary

They are communists. They will destroy America and replace it with the same nightmarish form of tyranny that prevailed in the USSR. This will happen as soon as they have the political leverage — and they are gaining leverage every day. They largely control the schools, from nursery school to the universities. They largely control the media, from the nightly news to Hollywood. They largely control the cities.

Candi CdeBaca was just elected to the Denver City Council, defeating former council president Albus Brooks. We’ll let Candi herself tell you what she represents:

“By any means necessary” means that democracy will be dispensed with the moment it has served its purpose. It means that rather than getting muffled by Google/Facebook/Twitter, counterrevolutionaries will be deplatformed permanently by the conventional socialist method of a bullet to the back of the head.

Maniacs like this have infiltrated city councils throughout the country. Demographics deliberately altered through immigration and welfare policy make their election not only possible but inevitable. In many if not all large cities, left-wing radicals are the dominant force. This will be a major factor in America’s downfall.

We spent $trillions on nuclear weapons so that we would not have to live as slaves under communism. But communism will not be imposed from abroad.

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