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Nov 15 2018

Cannibalism in South Africa

As South Africa is decolonized, indigenous culture marvelously blossoms. No one should be too surprised that this includes cannibalism.

Traditional healer Nino Mbatha walked into a police station in Estcourt and produced a human hand from within a pink school bag, leading to a murder investigation…

Mbatha and his co-accused Lungisani Magubane‚ Khayelihle Lamula and a fourth man Thembiso Sithole – all 32 – were charged with the murder of a local woman, Zanele Hlatswayo. Sithole however died in prison this year.

I wonder if that’s where Trump got the term “sithole countries.”

Mbatha … led police to a one-room house where he alleged that he was being held captive, forced to eat human flesh and create muti that would bring fortune.

In the house were found what appeared to be an ear, jaws, and a bucket full of intestines. Muti is a term for “traditional medicine” in southern Africa — i.e., witchdoctor activities.

South Africa should not hog all the indigenous cultural vivaciousness. We need to import more “refugees” from failed states in Africa so as to become more multiculturally enriched.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and 1-Bodhisattva.

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