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May 28 2020

Cardi B Eggs On Looters

Police use of excessive force is to be avoided. This is one of the many reasons that government must be limited. You might think that everyone would agree on this. But as with everything in a country fighting for its life against end-stage liberalism, the issue has been politicized and racialized.

Whites are more likely than blacks to be shot by the police. When they get themselves killed by the police, it is a local story at most. In contrast, when a black is killed, whole cities erupt.

Blacks can’t help but seize on events like George Floyd’s death as a pretext to riot and loot. They have no choice, as cultural spokeswoman Cardi B explains:

Incitement to riot is technically a crime, but this too depends on race.

The black community is lucky to have moral philosophers like Cardi B to guide it through these troubled times. Maybe Joe Biden should consider her for VP.

On a tip from Brian B.

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