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May 15 2020

Fred Perry Ad: Diversity Cult Strikes Again

How dare Europeans resent being erased? Paul Joseph Watson comments on the uproar that ensued when a Fred Perry ad made believe that progressive demographic objectives have already been attained, so that there are no more Europeans in England — or at least, none whose existence needs to be acknowledged — and people dared to object:

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Mar 12 2020

Nissan Goes for Woke

Procter & Gamble’s notorious man-hating Gillette commercial was such a big success (just kidding) that Nissan decided to follow suit with this excretion:

For those who couldn’t sit through it for even 30 seconds, PJ Media summarizes the ad:

Your boss, who is a male, refuses to promote you because he has a small penis and listens to Joe Rogan. Then Brie Larson shows up and tells you to get in her car for some reason, drives recklessly while listing the vehicle’s features and repeating the theme of the advertising campaign, and then drops you off so you can march right up to your boss and refuse to compromise with him because you’re a strong independent woman and all men are literally $#!+.

Refuse to compromise. Unless you’re a man, in which case you should definitely compromise. Stay in your lane, men. Literally!

They were wise to end the ad when they did. Watching the woman get fired for refusing to wait for her promotion might not put people in the mood to buy a Nissan.

In case you aren’t woke enough to grasp the social justice implicit in the ad, Nissan provides ideological backstory:

That lays bare the appeal of feminism. You never need address your failures or shortcomings if you just blame them all on men. A downside is that if you never address your failures and shortcomings, you never overcome them.

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Feb 14 2020

SAS Ad Claims Scandinavian Culture Does Not Exist

According to the BBC, British culture does not exist, because nothing is British. According to Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), the same holds true for the Nordic countries. According to the liberal media, those who disagree are Russian trolls.

An intensely irritating SAS advertisement was taken down in the face of public revulsion, but then restored. Borrowing from the USA’s Democrat Party, Aftonbladet claims that conspiring Russkies are behind the angry reaction. Those who didn’t like the ad were either Russian bots or “useful idiots” eager to do Putin’s bidding.

The Russians running RT are right to be amused:

The Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) video, which declares that essentially all Scandinavian culture is “copied” and encourages people to fly to lands both near and far to find more things to borrow, is back in action. The company says it stands by its message, and that the critical comments and downvotes that befell the video after its initial publication on Monday were just an “attack” that “hijacked” the ad campaign.

Now SAS has learned its lesson. When cramming corrosive oikophobic moonbattery down customers’ throats, close the comments on YouTube so that they cannot complain.

Position a barf bucket before clicking to play:

The sinister aspect of this idiocy is that Scandinavia is undergoing cultural genocide via mass immigration from the Third World. In the near future, Scandinavian culture really won’t exist if progressives continue to prevail.

As in the USA, advertising for major corporations is more concerned with advancing a left-wing political agenda than with selling products. An attempt is made to persuade Scandinavians that their culture is not worth fighting to preserve because it doesn’t exist anyway, but is only a collection of cultural appropriations. This is not so much an advertisement as an act of treason.

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Dec 04 2019

Thought Police Sic Liberal Lynch Mob on Peloton

Advertising goes out of its way to be politically correct, often to the point of inducing nausea. Even so, some falls afoul of the thought police, evoking the rage of the liberal Twitter mob. For example, Peloton — maker of exercise equipment — dared suggest that women might feel good about getting in shape, even possibly implying that this would please their husbands.

AdAge reporter Adrianne Pasquarelli tsk-tsks:

The spot, called “The Gift that Gives Back,” continued to air Tuesday evening … even as criticism grew.

The ad, about a woman whose husband gifts her an apparent life-changing exercise bike, sparked a gender backlash that clearly clashed with any seasonal cheer the brand was expecting.

“Consumer psychologist” Kit Yarrow was brought in to condemn the spot as “a complete male fantasy ad.”

“Many consumers” complained that the wife was fit enough and did not need to get fitter. They denounced the husband for wanting her to be in shape, as if the only purpose of physical fitness were to become more sexually attractive, which is bad because lookism.

Some analysts expect the ad to be pulled as the backlash grows. … The controversy surrounding the ad drew coverage from a wide range of mainstream news and entertainment sites, including NPR, CNN, CBS and People. … Peloton’s stock was down 10 percent, a steep drop for the company, which only began trading publicly in September.

Watch the ad for yourself, and see how little it takes to stoke the thought police to full fury:

Corporate America is advised to stick to selling cat food to aging lesbians. Anything else will lead to trouble with feminists.

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Nov 15 2019

Sick Sprite Commercial Airs in Argentina

Procter & Gamble’s intensely nauseating Gillette ad was not the last to feature a parent encouraging a child to stray into depravity and mental illness. Coca-Cola saw fit to run this Sprite ad on social media platforms prior to a “pride” spectacle in Buenos Aires:

Maudlin music apparently helps wash down the corruption of children that is central to the LGBT agenda.

As noted by Activist Mommy,

At the end of the ad, the slogans , “Orgullo: Lo que sentís cuando alguien que querés elige ser feliz,” and “No estás solx,” appear, which translate to “Pride: What you feel when someone you love chooses to be happy,” and “You’re not alone.”

Note the extra-woke gender-indeterminate “solx” instead of “solo” for “alone.”

Embracing perversion, degeneracy, and the psychosis of believing yourself to be a member of the opposite sex makes people happy. Encouraging this makes you loving. Those who don’t approve are cruel and bad. Drink Sprite!

On tips from Kate P and Dragon’s Lair. Hat tips: Now the End Begins, Sons of Liberty.

Nov 10 2019

Virgin Atlantic’s Scarlet Lady Replaced by Black Woman

The primary purpose of advertising is to advance political correctness; selling products and services is secondary. How else do you explain the preponderance of blacks in television, online, and print advertising, in a country that is only 13% black? The percentage in Britain is even lower at 3.3%, due to it being, last I knew, a European country. Yet they are replacing Virgin Atlantic’s Scarlet Lady logo with a black woman, “to better reflect modern Britain.”

Artist Ken White is not happy:

He created the ‘Scarlet Lady’ after being asked to produce something similar to the art painted on World War Two planes and that of Peruvian pin-up artist [Alberto] Vargas. …

Mr White said: ‘It was a design which I thought worked and was changed to include the British flag, but then I read that they were changing it to a gay person and a black woman.

‘I don’t understand what was wrong with it in the first place; it was an icon and people knew the airline for it.’

If it was an icon, it was part of British culture. Therefore, it must be erased, to clear the slate for the globalist utopia.

A black woman does not “reflect modern Britain” yet, but will in the future, if demographic trends continue. Subtle brainwashing is used to prevent people from rebelling against their nation being erased. Whether there will still be airlines when Europe’s post-European future has been imposed is doubtful.

The Scarlet Lady, another casualty of moonbattery.

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Oct 26 2019

Thinkx Ad Features MENstruation

It’s a vicious cycle. Relentlessly moonbatty television commercials both drive cultural decay and are a reflection of it. That’s how we were able to get to a sleazy Thinkx ad featuring menstruating men in only 92 years since television was invented:

Menstruation is picking up steam as a social justice issue. That’s why moonbats celebrated National Period Day a week ago.

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Sep 23 2019

H&M Accused of Racist Oppression

Sweden may be the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery, but not even Swedish companies are woke enough for the thought police. First racist peas were discovered in the rice at IKEA. Now H&M, which has infuriated racial justice warriors before, stands accused of committing racism by featuring a black model whose hair isn’t properly styled:

View this post on Instagram

It’s essential that we have a conversation about this photograph from the @hm_kids campaign. Before I begin, I do not have the facts, nor have I seen any statement by #H&M or the team who worked on this. This post is just an assessment based on all my years of seeing situations like this happen time and time again. And its got to stop. This beautiful young girl’s #kinky hair appears to have had very little to no attention yet all of her counterparts have clearly sat in front of someone who was more then capable of styling other hair textures. My heart breaks imagining yet another girl from my community sitting in front of a mirror being ignored by the team around her, left to her own devices because someone didn’t know how to handle her texture. As if that’s not bad enough…. Prior to this campaign appearing this photograph will have been seen and APPROVED by countless ‘professionals'. Lets say conservatively 50 people. It’s breathtaking to me that not one person looked at this shot and had the same reaction that the internet seems to be feeling since the campaign broke. THAT IS AN ISSUE. We must do better. Our girls, our young women deserve better. Let this be a moment of learning. #Education is key #wehavetodobetter #vernonfrancois #Ignorance #blackgirlmagic #allhairisgoodhair

A post shared by Vernon François (@vernonfrancois) on

The social media mob answered this call to racial justice with pitchforks aloft and torches flaming.

It isn’t enough that blacks are absurdly overrepresented in advertisements. They must be featured in a way that cannot be criticized. Since this is impossible, persons of politically preferred pigmentation can rest assured they will never be deprived of the privilege that comes of being oppressed.

Meanwhile, the racism at H&M appears to be spilling over onto other races:

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Aug 15 2019

Volkswagen and Mondelez Ads Banned in Britain

George Orwell showed remarkable insight in his predictions regarding Britain’s totalitarian future, but even he would not have imagined a UK where it is literally illegal to run advertisements that radical feminists consider not to advance social engineering objectives. On these demented grounds, bureauweenies have actually banned Volkswagen and Mondelez ads:

Volkswagen’s ad showed a series of men “engaged in adventurous activities,” the regulator said, while the only two women depicted were asleep in a tent and sitting by a baby carriage. The main characters of the ad from Mondelez, for the cheese spread Philadelphia, were two distracted young fathers in a restaurant who appeared “unable to care for children effectively.”

According to Jessica Tye, investigations manager at the Advertising Standards Authority, the ads depict “harmful gender stereotypes” — i.e., harmful to the radical feminist agenda.

In utopia, men and only men will care for children, whereas women will primarily engage in behavior that has been associated with men throughout the world since before recorded history. Advertisements that do not move society toward this utopian vision are not merely politically incorrect but illegal in Britain, which was a proudly free country within the memory of many living today.

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Aug 01 2019

Get Woke, Go Broke: Procter & Gamble

When it comes to corporations that aggressively ram moonbattery down our throats rather than give us a reason to use their product, Procter & Gamble tops even Nike.

One P&G ad pushes the phony leftist dogma that blacks are oppressed by the evil white man. Another ad denounces men for manifesting toxic masculinity.

Not content to merely annoy their customers, the social justice warriors at P&G seem determined to make them vomit. This is accomplished through gut-wrenchingly unappealing odes to morbid obesity and transsexual freakification.

Now we see the effect this foolishness has on the bottom line:

Procter & Gamble has reported a net loss of $5.24 billion, prompting speculation as to whether a boycott of the company’s Gillette shaving products after a divisive ‘woke’ ad campaign hit the company’s bottom line.

The reference here is to the insulting toxic masculinity ad, which some genius must have thought would compel men to buy Gillette shaving products.

The commercial alternated between echoing glib feminist talking points and bashing men, while also featuring a clip from left-wing news outlet The Young Turks.

Then again, maybe they weren’t even trying to sell shaving cream. Maybe they just wanted us to know what moonbats they are. If so, they succeeded.

It has now been revealed that Procter & Gamble took an $8 billion writedown on its Gillette shaving business, contributing to “a net loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarter ended June 30.”

Couldn’t happen to a nicer company.

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Jun 06 2019

Budweiser: Queen of Beers

Budweiser has been positioning itself as the beer of homosexuals. The campaign continues:

The profusion of robust locally brewed craft beers throughout the country left the purveyors of watery bilge water in search of a market. Looks like Budweiser has settled on a marketing strategy.

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May 26 2019

Most Nauseating Procter & Gamble Ad Yet

In corporate America these days, not even the moonbats running Procter & Gamble can outmoonbat the other moonbats — not with the moonbattery dial already turned as far as it will go to the left. Yet they need to push the envelope, so as to appear even more woke than other corporations. So they opted to make their ads ever more nauseating.

They triggered the gag reflex by producing infuriating propaganda in tearful service of the lie that privileged Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation are somehow oppressed in modern America. They again had us choking back barf with the infamous Gillette ad attacking supposedly toxic masculinity.

Then vomit splattered onto monitors when they took to Twitter to promote exhibitionist obesity on behalf of radical feminism. But they were just getting warmed up.

Now this:

A new Gillette advert shows the moment a loving dad teaches his transgender son how to shave for the first time.

By “transgender son,” they mean deranged daughter who has managed to grow a beard, presumably thanks to the marvels of modern pharmaceuticals. She goes by the name Samson Brown.

‘Thank you so much Gillette,’ Samson commented underneath the new advert. For allowing me to share such an important moment in a man’s life with my father.’

Position a barf bucket before proceeding.

How this will help sell shaving products is unclear. Any male moonbatty enough to find P&G ads appealing is probably a millennial trendoid sporting a neckbeard.

Mr Reagan demonstrates the horror of what moonbattery has done to us by contrasting this emetic propaganda with a Gillette ad from saner times.

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May 08 2019

Converse Exploits “Drag Kid” Desmond Napoles

It seemed no one could surpass Nike as the last company a countermoonbat would buy shoes from. But Converse has jumped ahead in the race to the absolute bottom:

Converse has announced the release of a new line of shoes celebrating LGBT culture alongside a marketing campaign featuring characters of various sexual orientations, including an 11-year-old ‘drag kid’ who goes by the stage name ‘Desmond Is Amazing.’

The liberal agenda could not be stated more explicitly regarding the progressive war on normalcy:

Desmond is highlighted on the Converse website wearing a flamboyant outfit and make-up, striking a dramatic dance pose alongside a quote stating, “There is no normal.”

Or at least, there won’t be when social engineers have imposed utopia. It will have been denormalized. In place of the normal, we will have the politically mandatory abnormal.

Readers will recall that young Desmond Napoles — described by his parents as autistic — already has a long history of exploitation:

When we first met Desmond, he was titillating homosexuals by dancing erotically in a rainbow tutu during a New York City “pride” festival at age 8. At age 10, having come out as homosexual himself, he launched [or had launched in his name] a drag club for children. At age 11, he performed a lewd dance on Good Morning America in what may be the most profoundly disturbing episode in the history of broadcast television.

Still only 11 years old, he has now headlined an event called “Club Whoa!” at 3 Dollar Bill, a gay bar in Brooklyn. Men reportedly threw money at the boy “as he danced on the stage in a wig and sexualized clothing.”

The homosexual community and those in the media who want to advance its agenda have been wringing all they can out of Desmond. Now Corporate America wants a piece. Let’s see if homosexualizing little boys can help sell sneakers:

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May 07 2019

Homosexual Beer

The liberal agenda comes at you from everywhere. It may even come at you from your beer. The extra-watery variant of Budweiser called Bud Light has gone militant gay:

This June, Bud Light is partnering with GLAAD to launch its first-ever rainbow aluminum bottle to celebrate World Pride. … For every case of rainbow bottles sold from May 27 to June 30, Bud Light will donate $1 to GLAAD, up to $150,000 to assist in their efforts of creating a world where everyone can live the life they love.

That is, a world where wallowing in degeneracy and depravity has been as thoroughly normalized as in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Readers may remember GLAAD as the contingent of pink Nazis that temporarily forced Phil Robertson off the air while Duck Dynasty was flying high.

In addition to the updated color scheme inspired by the LGBTQ Pride flag, the reimagined Bud Light Pride bottle also swaps out the iconic Bud Light creed that’s printed on the crest of the bottle for words of inclusivity and support.

“Inclusivity” refers to normalizing the abnormal and denormalizing regular Americans.

Fortunately, avoiding godawful Bud Light will not be a hardship for countermoonbats, especially considering the profusion of vastly superior local beers brewed throughout the country.

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